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I have a life outside of deviantart, check 'em out
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Current ChecklistProbs getting carried away for this one but these are all the stuff I want to do, this will be updated constantly.
just to help you and me on what the status means especially the WIP ones
:bademoticon:  - Work In Progress (heavily)
Loading Icon ultramini - Almost complete
  - not started
✗ - Discontinued
? - considering
⍻ - Redoing 
↮ - on hold
✲ Finish :iconinsanitymuncher: 's Seneko ✔
✲ finish :icondontask-lordmeric: 's commission ✔
✲ drawing for @txhlia ✔
✲ Najhegao ✗
✲ Work on some memes
  ✧ Art vs Artist ✔
  ✧ Creator meme ✔
  ✧ Meme of Tears 
  ✧ Ma

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oh look you got here, welp see yas


Attack on Pietan
Sweeping files again

this was originated from a drawpile with :iconrandoxide: about new years resolution…
Briar Sketchdump
Bought an adopt not long ago and wanted to try out different outfits for him. I think I like the big sweater and blouse the most! although I have an OC who already wears that, so I might change their's. 
Anyways, I think i'll call him Briar!(´ ˘ `)

drew an evil version for the hell of it (and because of the sweater) and omggg this one is so cuteeee!
Quite like the thorns coming out of the roses, though it reminds me of Helen. Which would be interesting to explain the connection, though I dont think they would be associated canonically (i hope)
Briar being Reon's "son" is def not canon thats for sure, just wanted to put that in because of the (bat) wings from before and wolf appearance
took my laptop to the IT and hurriedly moved my tabs around so they don't see my edgy wallpapers.

i think they saw them all anyway
Pies, Pies everywhere
I was planning on doing this at the end of the year in case I had more versions created throughout the year. But I couldn't resist and I was late to my 5th year anniversary of being on deviantart 2 months ago. so consider this a belated celebration to recollect as many versions of Pie as possible to say the least lmao 

Wasn't sure whether to identify them there or leave them up for guesses, kudos for those who can recall them all! 

just wanted to point out breeder pie on a swing was a reference to a tweet I found on a plague doctor on a swing. It was funny so I decided to put it in

was going to draw an AU where its cheesecake instead because I was considering "laCheesecake" or something like that. And the different versions would take place in a cafe than a bar.
OOOOO another AU could be on forment45, cause that was my initial intent on my username, not sure where they would hang out, maybe ice spikes with futuristic ice structures like the Bund or something.
but alas, i'm lazy
I hope theres me in an alternate universe who plays the violin cause man, I lowkey yet highkey want to learn how to play the violin or cello



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