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Commission, trade, and request info will go here. It will be updated to reflect current status if and when such changes.

Short version
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Long version below. Please note that for commissions I am only accepting PayPal at this time.

Commission info

Build-a-commission: start with the base, then add on what you want to arrive at the final price.

Base price for sketch: $5


Pick one:
   Bullet Point 28 Black and white shading: +$3
   Bullet Point 28 Flat color: +$3
   Bullet Point 28 Light color shading: +$6
   Bullet Point 28 Detailed color shading: +$10

Pick any number:
   Bullet Point 28 Second character: +price of first
      Bullet Point 18 Additional characters: +$10 per, limit of four (note me if you want more)
   Bullet Point 28 Large/detailed animal companion/object/accessory: +$5 per 
   Bullet Point 28 Solid color or simple texture background: free
   Bullet Point 28 Simple background: +$5
   Bullet Point 28 Complex background: +$10
   Bullet Point 28 Other: send a note for more info

Art Trades

I'm usually open for art trades as long as I'm not too swamped, although I do reserve the right to refuse one for any reason. In terms of content, I expect the pieces involved to be roughly equal - two characters with a background isn't a fair trade for a flat color bust with no background. Of my own volition I may decide to add a little bit extra to my side of things if I happen to think your quality of art is better than mine or if I particularly like you or the subject, but that's more of my own personal choice. Please request an art trade via note.


I usually don't offer requests, so please don't note me asking for me to draw something for free. "You can have part of the profits" isn't payment, either. On rare occasions when I'm caught up on all my commissions/trades and I'm looking for something to draw I may post something offering a request or two, but that will be about it - and you'll be posting in the comments for that, so again, please don't note me asking for requests.


I'm fairly open to most things, though I will not do NSFW, fetish art, or extreme gore. If for any reason not listed here I'm not comfortable drawing what you ask, please respect that. It is my right as an artist to choose what I put my time and effort into.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below or send me a note - I may include an FAQ beneath if I get enough questions regarding a particular subject.