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Boku no Hero - End


How I believe Boku no Hero is going to end

  • Quirks will be erased.
  • Deku will still hang out/work with Bakugou.
  • People will have lot’s of trouble adapting to be normal humans.
  • Tokoyami and Tsuyu may become humans... hopefully.

Clock Each 10 seconds it will change language.

There are a couple of puns in Spanish which I didn’t know how to translate properly.

Like, on purpose mispronouncing Midoriya into “Mi rodilla” (mee rodee-ja). Which means “my knee“.
Also some call Uraraka “urraca“ which can be translated as “magpie”.

April fools


Clock Cada 10 segundos cambia de idioma.

Cómo pienso que va a terminar Boku no Hero

  • Los poderes serán borrados.
  • Deku todavía se juntará/trabajará con Bakugou.
  • Las personas tendrán problemas adaptandose a ser humanos normales.
  • Tokoyami y Tsuyu se volverían humanos... espero.

Usé los chistes comunes de "mi rodilla" y "urraka ochako"

Inocentes palomitas.

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Boku no hero Academia © Kohei Horikoshi

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Yo le decia Urraca a la Uraraka antes de que fuese popular 😌

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