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One of the most often asked questions I get when I post an infrared photo is, "Is it REAL?"

Many people don't understand what infrared is.  When they see the image, they assume it is winter, or some kind of manipulation.

The camera I use has been converted to shoot only infrared images.  Some people use a filter over their regular camera to get the same effect, but a converted camera simplifies the image-taking process.

I am not going to go into deep detail about infrared because I know that, if you are truly interested in the concept, you will research it.  However, I will say that infrared is a spectrum of light that is beyond the visible light spectrum.  Basically, it is light that you cannot see with your own eyes.

"Why is everything pink?"  That is another question I get a lot.  Basically, the filter that is in my camera allows a portion of the visible light spectrum to be included...which is the part where red resides.  The original image that I take has a pinkish/red hue to it.  The standard post-processing of an infrared image requires a channel swap of the red and blue channels.  Once this is done, the foliage ends up a light pink and the sky ends up being blue.  Some prefer to just convert to black & white.  It's all a matter of preference.

Normally I only post one or the other....regular OR infrared.  But this once, I have posted both:

Infrared Hot Air Balloons by La-Vita-a-Bella
Three Hot Air Balloons by La-Vita-a-Bella

So, in answer to your question, "Is it REAL?"  Yes, it's real....just not how you think it is.

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I was just wondering, I've seen photos of animals taken in infra do you get a good shot of animals as surely the shutter speed would be too slow and the animals would move before the exposure is complete? Or does having a converted camera help with this?
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
The converted camera totally helps with this problem. I can get much faster shutter speeds with my hand-held than I could with a filter. My first camera with filter gave shutter speeds of about 1/2 second. My handheld camera give shutter speeds of about 1/125 sec. Of course, shutter speed depends on available light so those number vary depending on time of day and cloud cover.
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Yes of course they depend on the available light but that's such an improvement over a filter! Is it expensive to get a converted camera? I'd really like to do more with infra red.
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
I purchased my camera on ebay for $165 several years ago. I think you could pick one up for about $200. I am considering upgrading to this one [link] (same guy that I bought from the first time).
ERB20's avatar
Oh nice! Christmas is coming...heehee :XD:
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
lol! I may have to upgrade sooner than expected. The robbers stole my charger and batteries for my infrared camera. I hate to buy new ones for a camera that I was planning on replacing.
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Yeah, that's an awkward position...but it's a good excuse to buy new stuff :XD:
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On a converted camera you get the normal exposure times, that's the biggest advantage, no tripod needed !
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Oh wow! That's great...maybe I'll look into buying one =p
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I had heard of infrared more as some term in Physics... never thought it was used as a way to get such great pictures! Very lovely work :)
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Thank you for sharing , as always beautiful work!!
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I had a feeling it was a filter of some kind, but I didn't expect it to be the camera itself. It's quite the interesting concept and I do love your infrared pictures. You don't see such images all that often, so it's refreshing. One of these days I may have to do the same... once I get a camera that can do that. lol

Thanks for the info. =)
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Very informative, I'll sleep less stupid tonight! :icongoofygrinplz:
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It is neat to see the two pictures side by side. I assume that the "normal" photo was taken with a different camera?
I think this is something that would be fun to experiment with, unfortunately, I do not have the funds for even a filter, let alone a special camera! Therefore, I will keep enjoying your photos and looking @ Ingo's!
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
The normal photo was taken with my Canon 5D Mark II (a DSLR) and the infrared photo was taken with a Sony DSC W-50 that has been converted to shoot infrared only. People give me strange looks when I've got a DSLR hanging around my neck and then I pull out this little point-n-shoot. lol!
Don't look at Ingo's'll go blind!!! (lol! Just kidding....please keep looking!!) :giggle:
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I had no idea point and shoots could be converted, I assumed it was the more expensive ones like your Canon.
I will def keep looking. I always look forward to seeing your work!
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
You can get one for about $200 on ebay. :D
CASPER1830's avatar
A filter costs 200?!? That is nearly half of my pay check! Times like this I wish I enjoyed a less expensive hobby.
Thank you for your help!
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
No, a digital point-n-shoot camera that has been converted to infrared costs $200. A filter, will depend on which size you need and what brand you buy...a Hoya brand filter will be around $100.
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
It's not live, just real. :iconrealffffplz:
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I date myself And get it wrong.
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what you talkin' about, Willis?

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