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this Halloween

this halloween
the victims who was killed by you for your ambition
will come to you
you will think that you are dreaming, see them again in happy scene
but actually they take your soul from your body, and bring you to hell

this halloween is the day when the gate of hell is open
this halloween is the day when you die

This is my entry for Ghost contest hold by :iconintano: and
:iconmrscullen:. for more information : [link]

sketch on 75 x 57 cm Canson paper: 2 day
coloring with poster color, acrylic, and gouache: 4 days

hope you like :D
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Roses red and bright blooms so buty that is named
the buty is as one shining star glowing as a flame
 though it seems emortal it shall fade
buty whithers awayWink/Razz 
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Super nice works you have!
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You have been featured: [link]
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This is so incredibly beautiful... The details of the golden frame and curtains on the bed are astounding me! The whole thing has the atmosphere of a real nightmare... I absolutely LOVE this piece. Excellent work, to say in the very least! Probably one of my favourites, if not the first of them all. :love:
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Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! that's very cool!!!!!!!!!! :)
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It's both eerie and beautiful at the same time.
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it's beautifull ^^
larebabysaiyan's avatar what us canson paper?
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Wow very awesome. Sorry so late, I've been away for a while so i've got catching up to do on deviations.
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thank you so much ^^
yes, it's has been a long time we have no see in DA :D

uhm hope my tenses is right
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thank you so much, dear :D
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akhirnya muncul kembali gambar2 dewa Tesa,, :love::love:
as usual, amazing!! :wow: hantu2nya glowing transparan gt,,kerenn.. pasti menang ini mah,, :D
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waduh saya hanya vampire.. er.. human! (rada ga rela ngomongnya)
makasih ya, tp kalah kok >.< ga masuk finalist. finalistnya keren2 lho
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vampire yg menyamar jadi human (menyangkal diri lagi) XD
oo..sayang skali..:no: padahal keren abis..
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:typerhappy: LOVELY work ! :woohoo:
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thank you so much, dear :D
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aduh gambar cc memang keren abisss ^^ ngefans bgt deh... <3
la-sera's avatar
wah makasih banyak nih, senangnya punya fans (GR)
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keren pisan....>.<
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thank you, nit ^^
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kren bgt~~~!!
suka konsep hantu2nya ^^
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makasih banyak ya :D
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