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Aurora Sinistra

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We may have a winner! Sinistra maybe is the most ‘neglected’ Hogwarts teacher. I don’t remember her being mentioned more than 2 or 3 times tops. Is she a good teacher? What’s her opinion on what’s been happening at Hogwarts? What does she think of Harry and the wizarding war? Did she despise Umbridge and her rules as much as the other teachers did? Is she even a real person??? We’ll never know I guess :)
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Interesting character 
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Had this idea for her character, actually:

She was an exchange student from Uragona, the African Wizarding School, and stayed there as a Ravenclaw Student until graduation. She was a victim of some of the pranks the Mauraders had for some of their students until the seventh year, when James finally let up and matured.

She later allied with the Order of the Phoenix but never became a full member, and it resulted in an event where Sirius and James protected her from a Death Eater. From there, she grew to trust the two but never became close. When James and Lily died, she was sad like everyone else but never put them on a pedestal, as she felt that would lessen them as people and make them more figureheads. She still grieved over them though and later became a teacher at Hogwarts, rivaling Snape for the job as Defense AGainst the Dark Arts but got a shine to Astronomy, her people's best skills in magic. She also could do no-wand magic, making her quite adept in dueling.

Though with Umbridge, maybe she likely taunted her that she needed to stay up late and 'she wouldn't want her beauty sleep to be tarnished'. :P
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Great ideas! What was the event with the death eater? (& no-wand magic is surely badass!)
It's so exciting giving minor characters -that were only briefly mentioned in the books- background/detailed personalities! Thank you very much for your comment! :)
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No problem XP

It was during the First Wizarding War (When James and Lily were still alive). Basically she was there to help guide some of them through and a few Death Eaters arrived to attack She tried to fend them off, but James and Sirius took a blow for her and helped send them off.
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Love the details!!! :D (Big Grin) 
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Gotta love astronomy! Ό,τι και να λέμε πάντως οι μάγοι τρώνε τρελή σκόνη σε αυτόν τον τομέα όταν οι Muggles έχουν την NASA και τον ISS! :P
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Love the style and the feel of this and the rest of your HP series, they are really nice.
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There's something in the angularity of this design that recalls Belphegor
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It is because there are few mentions of Professor Sinistra that I find her to be such a fascinating character!  Your version is slightly different than the one in my fiction, but so interesting! :clap:
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Very few mentions indeed! Well, she teaches astronomy so I guess she ought to be somewhat fascinating :D ....Astronomy would definitely be one of my favorite Hogwarts classes!
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