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People's Republic of China
Hey guys! I'm LA-ndy. You can simply call me Landy. :)
I'm an undergraduate student who live in China. Digital Media is my major but I also keep art as one of my favorite hobbies. I reckon art as a vivid way to transfer what you think to your friends.
I do indie game development because of my major and personal interest. And I have a huge interest in electronic music(or specificly, EDM). Of course I'm addicted to DJing. This job is way more cooler!.
Normally I'm very busy, bustle and hustle between stuff of school and life, just like most of students. Maybe I don't have enough time to see all the feedback or text you back.
I appreciate all of you for watching me.
Although I'm actually not quite good at art self-education, I will try my best to improve and make progress.

Feel free to talk to me :)

If you enjoy my arts a lot and want more from me, please consider supporting me on Patreon. Every single bit pushes me further on my way to my goals and dreams. :)

Thank :icontnbi: for giving the core membership :3

:iconnorequests: :iconcommissionsclosed: (temporary)
This journal will continuously be updated for a long time. So keep an eye on this!


In English:

  Hey guys! Finally, I've decided some rewards for the very beginning of my Patreon. This journal now serves as a guide to explain details of rewards and answer basic questions. Hope it will help you make the decision that whether to support me. Anyway, here goes the contents!

  Reward Details:

1.Upcoming works' WIP.
  Normally, a WIP is a screencap pic about works I currently render. I may not update it regularly, usually when I finish rendering a part of my work.

2.Raw image files of my works.
  As I wrote before, some upcoming detail works on DeviantArt will be resized( usually into 1024 pixels or less ). You can get all of these works' original png or jpg files, which normally are 2K size.

3.Exclusive update contents.
   Exclusive, namely special for you. These works are mainly those I do for fun or practice, but also put quite a bunch of time. You are the first group of people can get access to them. As to keep it as exclusive, I'll update it on my Tumblr or Twitter after months or weeks, or just let them be parts of my drafts cluster. Oh, of course, do not post these works on any sites as you should keep them exclusive too. :)

4.Monthly sketch pack.
  I have to say this reward is somewhere my favorite one. Doing sketches is a perfect way to record my inspirations and illuminations. Sharing these simply make me happy because I pass my insights with others and I enjoy this feeling. A majority of these sketches are from 2017 - 2018 while a tiny part from 2016 or earlier.

5.The voting poll for extra exclusive contents(most voted coloring-needed work).
  As I still cannot concentrate more on my identity as a hobbyist artist, I always want to work harder. The voting poll may help me achieve that. Some works in sketch packs are formerly works that I should have colored for practice but I didn't due to my time arrangement. so I want you guys to help me. This poll will decide a sketch work from sketches packs then I will do color practice on it. The finish works may be part of the exclusive contents.  NOT every month get the voting poll, it depends on my future schedule.

6.Timelapse video.
  This will be a random reward for 20$+ patrons. It records all my create processing from sketches to the finished pic and normally will be 40 minutes or longer. The reason why it is random and be put in the 20$ tier is because making a video on my old laptop will take a large amount of my spare time, to record, to make BGM(usually a continuous mix of EDM), to compress and encode, etc. If you patronized me for this, please accept my deep and sincere gratitude. This video will not let you down.

7.PSD files of my works.
  I thought you might want to know how my arts are made so I put this as a reward too. But one thing you should aware is - You might found them look different from ones I uploaded. The reason is as follow - I'm currently an SAI user and the PSD files outputted by SAI have tiny differences with ones outputted by Photoshop. Mainly because of the different calculate way of layer effects. It weakens some effects when opening the PSD by Photoshop. So I usually adjust the color balance or else in Photoshop after merging and altering some layers. I guess you'd like to see how each layer serves to the whole art. So If you ask for a PSD file, I'll output it again from SAI, which has not been photoshopped and merged.
   For further consideration, I will find another tool for my creation so this situation won't last long. :)

  Tips and Questions (In Case You Want To Ask):

1. How should I get my rewards?
  I use Dropbox for delivering. You can get the link to the rewards' download page in Patreon post that you can see after you choose your tier.

2. Why there isn't any request-related reward?
  First I have to say thanks to all of you for asking about the commissions or requests. Some of you might notice that I'm such a busy guy. I'm in the last year of university and working hard on many projects and tests. The reason is simple, I don't have too much time for that. Honestly, in limited time, I prefer to spend it on my fanarts and personal arts in order to improve myself to bring better arts to you guys. Things will change maybe, but not for now.

3. How can I know if there is a voting poll for next month?
  For the voting poll, I decided to put it off for a few months as patrons might not be too much at the beginning. I'll do it randomly due to the uncertainty of my monthly arrangement. If you noticed that works in files of the sketches pack you receive are marked with index (not the file index) then next month definitely will have a voting poll. :) Sounds like a lottery right?

4. How can I know if there is an upcoming timelapse video?
  If I was preparing for a timelapse video, I will update it in Patreon posts. But like I said first, currently making a video on my devices is quite difficult and will cost a large amount of my spare time. So you might see it very late after I post the work. 

5. Is there any chance that rewards could include NSFW contents?
  This is embarrassing but I have to write it down. Somewhere I can't fully get used to NSFW works and also I don't want it to motivate my creation. It's sort of weird to me. So of course no.

6.  Could you tell us something about the comic you mentioned?
  Sometimes I love spoilers in a gentle way but this comic is an exception. I'd like to keep it as a secret until I reach my first goal. Sorry about this. But by taking refers from PARTS of my works, you probably could find some clues about the comic. :)

 If you still have some questions, leave them in comments or just note me. Every advice or critique helps me a lot.


  很感谢国人朋友的支持。如果你能看到这篇日志,说明你看到了动态或者从我的Patreon界面跳转过来了。关于Patreon的使用,大家可以在Wlop的Patreon界面找到教学,之后有余力了的话我也会抽空做个类似的教程。这篇日志主要用来解释我的Patreon赞助奖励和一些基本问题,大家可以通过这些来考虑是否赞助我。 :)


1. 后续作品的进度

2. 我的作品的图像源文件

3. 专属更新内容
   所谓专属就是唯你独享。 这些作品一般属于我打发时间的成果或者练习,但我同样投入了很多的时间。你们会是第一批能看到这些作品的人。这些作品我会在几个月或者几周之后在我的其他墙头更新,当然也有可能成为不公开内容。当然了,请不要私自传播这些作品喔。

4. 每月草稿合集

5. 额外专属内容的投票(最想被上色的作品的投票)

6. 创作过程录屏

7. 我的作品的PSD格式文件

  小贴士与疑问 (以备不时之需):

1. 我如何得到奖励呢?

2. 为什么没有委托或者点图请求相关的奖励呢?
  首先我得感谢你们问我有关委托和请求的事。大家应该已经注意到了,我是个特别忙的人。现在读大四,主要忙于学校的课题以及考试。所以原因很简单,我没有太多的时间来做委托和点图。老实说,我更喜欢将有限的时间花在我的同人创作以及个人创作上来提升自己,给你们带来更好的作品。 也许情况会变,但至少现在不会。

3. 我怎么知道下个月有投票调查呢?

4. 我怎么知道你什么时候会做录屏呢?

5. 回报中有没有可能包含脏脏的内容呢?
  这可能有点尴尬但我得写下来。在某些方面上我还无法完全习惯脏脏的东西, 而且我并不想让它成为我创作的动力。这对我来说怪怪的,所以回答是不。

6.  你能透露一些有关那个漫画的内容么?

 如果各位还有问题的话,可以在评论里留言也可以直接私信我。 每个建议与批评都会帮到我很多。


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Atlas-66 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, and you from China does not make it difficult to sit on this site, I wonder if this site works well for you? 
I wonder if the site works well through your VPN
Fluttershy - Perplexed 
And more, you have good drawings, you are one of the best artists in the pony community.
LA-ndy Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's lucky that we can use deviantart without VPN. But still, sometimes the website will be a bit slow. Generally this place is great!
And thanks for your kind words! So glad you enjoy them.
Atlas-66 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought in China all the internet closed, I don't know much about it, just saying what I heard. 
But if you pay for a good vpn, you can go to any sites, I don't know if this is true or not.
SoulfulMirror Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi. Do you have a general price for your commission?
LA-ndy Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry I didn't make such a price list since I don't do commission frequently.
But every time I decide to open, there will be a journal for details include price.:)
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