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Pt. 2 The Failed Art Project

Since I knew that I didn't make a christmas ornament like my art teacher asked I turned in a second piece at the same time of the first one.

I think it pissed her off.

But I wanted to make sure she knew that I knew how to blend the colors without the grid guidelines.

Yadda yadda I'm a pathetic lil rebel yes. shithead to the max. how dare I.

She didn't even look at this one.
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how could you 'not' look at this in the first place? lol
this is beautiful, I'd give it an A.
la-morte-amoreuse's avatar
Thanks! lol the cooolors (sounds like the fruity pebbles commercial)
itt0ryu's avatar
i hate school Ò__Ó
grids are boring!! yeah!! see what i mean?
la-morte-amoreuse's avatar
YEa... painting that is probably why I got the F. I offended her.. ? lol
that's why teachers suck! they just care about the rules for the assignment,
not about you developing as an artist. i went thru the same thing in college.
keep rebelling against mindless dogmatism. u r probably already a better
artist than the teacher, or artless copyist. you'll always have us fans, guaranteed!
la-morte-amoreuse's avatar
thank you dude I realllly appreciate the support!
sypek's avatar
It's great, don't worry! I give you A+. Rebel i love that word.
la-morte-amoreuse's avatar
That's all I need. lol thanks
Awesome again Danielle, I've only heard of that teacher and I already dislike her. I would have done the same thing my little rebel friend. keep it up. she's just jealous Her name's not Danielle Alexandra and can't make Legend-like Art pieces. you're the next Da-Vinci.
la-morte-amoreuse's avatar
lol thanks.... i doubt all that but thanks all the same.
hahah, In my eyes its true.
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Your art teacher sounds ridiculous. An 'F' is a bit extreme, considering she was not clear on the directions. But I do remember grids, value scales, and all that junk. They are the crap that you always have to do in art class, but never really use. Just silly. :w00t:
la-morte-amoreuse's avatar
lol thanks, yea the grids... the scales.. ahh I did them in fifth grade! seriously. augh
Corvis7's avatar
"Yadda yadda I'm a pathetic lil rebel yes. shithead to the max. how dare I."

artists are all rebels, were freaks that can make an illusion on a flat peice of paper, and that is why they say, if you can't do...... teach. she needs to find her creative side because even though i wasn't as the assignment said it was you wentout of your way to make it better then the rest
i like it, and if there is one, then there are thousands then even millions
la-morte-amoreuse's avatar
lol thank you for the support I appreciate the uplifting words. I just hope this class doesn't kill me with it's.. uncreativeness.. ahh
Corvis7's avatar
i had a the same type of teacher, no matter how cool it looks and how bad ass your friends and other art teachers think it is she always hada negative thing to say or it had to be the way that she learned it back in the dark ages were there was no creativity
la-morte-amoreuse's avatar
>_< If i become an art teacher I'm never giving F's. augh
snazzlefever's avatar
yes sign me up 4 that class =D
i kinda accidentaly deleted you on myspace =(
heres my link [link]
add me again pwease
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