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Colored in Eyeless Jack's mask for you guys so you can stop asking about it. :'D


Okay people, you see how long ago this picture was made? XD
I drew this picture when I was first getting INTO the fandom.
Yes, the boy in the white mask is Eyeless Jack.
Why is his mask white?
Because I used the references here on deviantART of Eyeless Jack. And if you search long enough, you'll find pictures of him with a white mask.
Not a blue one that was given in his story.

Long story short, I used the wrong reference.
Thank you for reading. ;u;

Not a single fuck was given.

Don't you love slumber parties? :'D

Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, BEN, Smile.Dog and Jeff © CreepyPasta
Sally/Art © Me
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© 2012 - 2021 La-Mishi-Mish
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me: ok slen

slender: good

*at 11 still on tv*

me :guys let sleep

jeff: why

me: because slen said sleep at 11

EJ: and why do you keep saying slen but not slender

me: because i can welp i going to sleep

jeff: ok

*me at my room sleeping*

*next day*

*get dressed and go down staris*

slender: jeff , EJ , sally , ben you guys were at tv like 24 hour

me: 24 HOUR

slender: well hellen were asleep so she dose not need to do the dish

jeff: wait all of us have to do the dish but not hellen

slender man: yes

jeff , ben ,EJ , sally: nooooooo!~~~Spam-in-a-Box: NOOO

me: oh yes~Ted Is Cool

*jeff , ben ,EJ , sally doing the dish*

me: so you guys know why i slep at 11

jeff: ya ya what ever

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Me: You're roleplaying. Can me and my OCs join in?

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Be in bed or slender dad will get you
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i love creepypasta comic dubs you should make a whole comic!

its really good
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Jeff looks concerned
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I think they’re watching a slasher film and Jeff’s like man murderers these days ugh they’re don’t even compare to that guy from psycho
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Slendy needs to make his non - existent face beautiful
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I think that girl needs a bandage, or two.
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Shouldn't she clean that blood? Like, if shes still bleeding she would be dead by now...
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omg is sooooooooooooooooo cool
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Shit like this is what ruined creepypastas. Except (emphasis on except) Jeff the Killer, who many agree was a god awful excuse for a horror story (it was moved to the trollpasta wiki for a reason).
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If you don’t like something, just scroll by. You don’t have to be rude about it. 
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Who died and made you the fandom police? Get lost, dude.
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Excellent question! Who died in order for me to become labeled as an asshole even though I am expressing my opinion on the subject matter?  
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I dont know, you come to an artwork that you don't like just to to say that you dont like it. Seems pretty ridiculous to me.
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Bedtime at a slumber-party?
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