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Goddess of Thunder

By la-esmeralda
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Hey everyone!
It has been ages since I last posted something here. I am not so sure if I will become very active here again as my last attempts were not *that* successful :D Not even sure if you missed me here or follow me on Instagram or Facebook already anyway? (Please let me know! If you want to follow me there - check the links below)

So, finally I can show you the first finished photo of my Thor cosplay! I created this last year and took these photos in august already. For some reason I had NO inspiration for the editing and everything I tried looked super bad :D But finally I am happy with the result! So I really, really hope that you like this because I am quite proud of my armor! :)

It is based on Jane Fosters armor from Marvels "Goddess of Thunder" comics. Originally I wanted to make a very accurate version but when I started working on the armor pieces I decided that they needed some more details. This is a mix of norse and celtic ornaments.
Also, this was the first time I was going to wear a wig outside of photo shoots - since I have tons of hair it is not very easy to fit it all underneath (and not comfortable at all^^ For photo shoots I usually just have a braid hanging down in the back). I was a bit scared that any helmet might make me look like I was rather from Mars Attack than from the Marvel universe if I put it on top of my hair AND a wig :D So I decided to go for a smaller headpiece this time.
My dear Aurelia-Isabella helped me with this shoot last year, she even has a matching Loki costume and we really have to do another shoot together, soon :)

All armor pieces are made from worbla and craft foam. My wig is from Black Candy Fashion (as always :) ).
I will also write a blog entry about how I made this and with more photos from this shoot and of my armor, soon!
Photography done by me aka Silver-Pearl-Photo :)


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Some more cosplays that I did in the past:

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PeaceWalker12's avatar
The colors in this photo are so vibrant. 
drksnt's avatar
Yes! Missed you on here! Great photo and costume!!!
RReddVar's avatar
Wow, very nice shot! 
WilliamFDrake's avatar
Looking good, Love!
I'm looking forward to these comics. I just finished the pre NOW! series and these are next on my agenda!
Sehr geil geworden, liebes!
Ich freue mich schon auf die Reihe. Habe gerade die pre-NOW! Reihe beendet und die sind als nächstes dran!
paws4thot's avatar
If she was actually drawn like you, I might have found "female Thor" easier to get behind as a character.

Also, for the record I don't have time (hours in day type time) for Instagram but do read your blog at least sometimes.
I would worship this goddess. How shall I pray to thee?
galapogosian's avatar
I prefer to see your photos here, but I follow you on Instagram. And you look like a total badass.
hclausen's avatar
Good to see you back.  i missed your work.  Thank you for sharing.
downunderrob's avatar
Loki would be your slave!
Oghma9's avatar
You Ragna-rocked it! (I know, cheesy comment. Couldn't help myself.) And yes you were missed. 
maneth-carpe-noctem's avatar
wow now THAT's a goddess! stunning details!
madvirgo's avatar
Good to see you and I'll look for you on IG!
BrimstarART's avatar
Armor looks boss.
devduck01's avatar
It is a fantastic armor set, really nice work.

Yes we missed you, but I am mainly here and don't really use Instagram or Facebook
valero1's avatar
wow that's amazing!
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