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Was it Just a Dream? by La-cruciatus Was it Just a Dream? by La-cruciatus
Basically, this piece is about the sense of unreality Futaba experiences when she sees Kou hugging Narumi. Just a while back, she and Kou were kissing and now, Kou has shattered the little hope she'd been feeling by choosing to be with Narumi.

The latest chapter was like a slap in the face! just when everyone was rejoicing 'aaaah! Kou and Futaba kissed!' and bam! comes chapter 22; Kou runs off to comfort Narumi and Futaba is heartbroken.

Not that I'd expected everything to be lovely after chapter 21 but then again, I'd not have imagined that things would have taken such a complete turnabout. I think both Kou and Futaba are equally at fault.

Futaba shouldn't have jumped to conclusions about Kou kIssing Narumi (she shouldn't even have brought up the topic at that time) and most of all, she shouldn't have run away. Kou, on his part, should have been less brutal and in your face about Narumi towards Futaba. no girl, especially one who you feel mutually attracted to, should have seen what Futaba saw happening between Kou and Narumi.

As for Narumi, she's kind of pitiable IMO. I don't really like her because her methods are wrong but I can't rant and rage at her because she is going through a rough phase and not everyone can rise to be the best and strongest on such occasions. she has her weaknesses and Kou emphathises with her because of their rather similar situations.

I just hope that Kou and Narumi don't get into a relationship because I obviously don't wanna see Futaba get even more hurt. but also, I don't think Narumi and Kou's relationship will be a healthy or long lasting one. they're both damaged goods and I'm sure the relationship won't be enjoyable for either of them as Kou will be in love with Futaba (just because he chose to run off to Narumi doesn't mean he likes Futaba any less, I think he decides on the basis who needed him more at the time, maybe)... and it won't end well for them both, Narumi even more so because she's the one who's in love with Kou.

I still do want Kou and Futaba to end up together. Touma is cute and caring but Futaba is not the girl for him, or so I feel. I hope he ends up with Yuuri. oh yeah Yuuri! she was fab in this chapter!

yeah, well word vomit over.

Aoharaido (C) Io Sakisaka

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