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Tim Burtonned Loki

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So, before actually seeing the movie, I was planning on making a drawing that would have been called "Tim Burtonned Avengers". But then, admit it people, they all fade to nothingness behind Loki's charisma :D
*Sigh* I always seem to have a soft spot for the bad guys, maybe that's also Tim Burton's fault... Well, in this case, it's more Tom Hiddleston's :love:

Besides, he is the only one from that movie whom I could really picture in that style (except maybe Black Widow, but that wouldn't make any sense if I drew her alone) so... yep!

I drew this by memory, during lunchtime at work and couldn't really check the accuracy of his outfit, so sorry for any impropriety.

Oh, and by the way, I saw "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" today, and it was AWESOME! It has definitively granted (is that an expression?) my adoration for Timur Bekmambetov (even despite the unsure Night Watch and Day Watch), slow motion, trains and twisted theories :D

On that completely random note, kneel for Loki, he has an army! :happybounce:
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Ehehehehe... he looks so awesome in your Tim Burton style... I love it. This is glorious.
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I absolutely love you art!
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WOW! I'm such a fan of Tim and his works, and seeing LOKI in his style, it's just so....BEAUTIFUL!
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This may seem like a stupid question but....what did you use to color him?
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Faber Castell Classic Colours :)
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Thanks! I was thinking of maybe trying out Tim Burton style drawings. Yours are very inspiring :)
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He looks devilishly handsome as always.
I wanna cuddle him. Why do I always wanna cuddle the villains- especially Loki?
Lovely style! He looks so nice and sweet here! Awesome job, dude!
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it's very good to be drawn form memory! love it! *kneeling*
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Loki is amazing and wonderful, as is this picture of him.  Very nicely done
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My friend table-flipped when she saw this it has so much awesome.

And it takes a bit for her to do that.
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this... is... AMAZING!
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That is just the sauce. :XD:
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He is Loki of Asgard, and he is burdened with a glorious cape. :) I think this is so cool!
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oh man this is so kool
my two favorites colliding XD
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Very nice~! I love that cape!
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Oooh lovely. Love the effect of the cape, so twirly. :heart:
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c: omg <3 i love Loki!
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OwO Loki is beautiful!!!
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:iconhiddlesapprovesplz: Lovely, this is just lovely, two of my fav things, Loki and Burton!!!
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Awesome recreation of Tim Burton's style, and Loki is still gorgeous!
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