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Tim Burtonned Avengers part 1

Because you guys kept asking for it!! :happybounce:
Watch out for part two, hopefully I will be able to finish it during the weekend. Right now though, I am burdened with glorious homework.

(The third one is Loki, at the end, when they caught him, so he is all tied up and his cape in tatters. It made sense in my head for some reason. Deal with it. :D)

In case you missed the beginning of all this :D: [link]
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This is incredible!! Your Tim Burton style is awesome! I love them all but I especially love how majestic Thor looks, that fabulous hair and cape.. ehehehe.. And poor Loki. Aww. I love how you drew his hair too.. Oh my goodness this is just awesome :D (Big Grin) 
nowhereman-1965's avatar
so cool. looks just like his work!
ChibiProwl's avatar
I like Burtoned Thor! He's cool looking!
burtonfan422's avatar
This is the best! I love the character designs.
Little-Girl-Lush's avatar
Aw, I wish you would draw one of Aquaman! He's my favorite. Even dorkier than the Green Lantern.
Little-Red-Hat's avatar
The official Robert Downey Jr Facebook page just shared this and credited you. I just had to look this up and tell you how awesome this is. Great work!
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instant fav
lokivsthor's avatar
OH LOKI!!! I LOVE THIS!!!Bleedrainbow 
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Someone had taken your draw to put it here :…
The site don't tell thaht you are the autor of the picture !
(sorry for the mistake , i don't speak english )
scarletgirl345's avatar
why is loki wrapped in toilet paper?
Poison-Brush's avatar
kn004's avatar
Oh. My. Gawd. Loki, I just. I can't even. I love it.
Tallest-Ariva's avatar
Just wanted to let you know, this has been stolen: [link] I've reported it, but the deviantART staff will respond much more quickly if you were to report it yourself.
KXMelodyKX's avatar
Very well done imitating his style, maybe try to make the different characters have more drastically different body shapes in comparison to one another.
illyriablue24's avatar
This is wicked awesome. Yup. So Burtonesque... andOMGwhathasThordonewithLoki. Lol! He's like a mummy now. (And there is something bondage-y about it as someone else pointed out, hahaha.)
AskLoogie's avatar
((captain america looks a lot like a lame nerd :XD: ))
SaskatchewanStardust's avatar
TheManyVoices's avatar
Just so you know, these images have become a meme on Facebook. I literally saw it, and then accidentally found you! Weird....
BirdsOfFreedom's avatar
I love it, poor Loki but I like how you showed it :D
DeixTobiallyaoi's avatar
lol this is like bondage
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