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Wouldn't this be beautiful if you perceive music like that? I wish I could but I don't have it unfortunately..
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Reminds me of Fantasia 😄
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So much love for this!
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lovely colors
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I have chromesthesia and it doesn't really look like this... unless you have it and you see this.
What I experience is way different, I'm able to visualize scenes that the artist may or may not be in, and see how they would play out. Sometimes I can see stuff that doesn't exist.

I love the image though, very very vibrant and flowing.
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Playing the colors instead of music.. beautiful... 

Does remind me of the tale I heard where this man could see colors when music was played
Every tune having its own color, and when he played music he would also be playing colors 
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I cannot describe how much I love all of your pictures like this! They're so simple...yet convey so much....
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