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And Perhaps She Was Mad

"Katsa crossed the marble floor, pulling pins from her hair. She sighed as her curls fell around her shoulders and the tension left her scalp. It was the hairpins, and the dress, and the shoes that pinched her feet. It was having to hold her head still and sit straight, it was the infuriating earrings that brushed against her neck. That was why she couldn’t stand to spend one moment longer at her uncle’s fine dinner. She took off her earrings and hurled them into her uncle’s fountain. She didn’t care who found them."

~ Graceling by Kristin Cashore
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You captured to words of my favorite book perfectly. Thank you.  
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I really love your draw, the expresion, the details, simply, it's perfect.
wordsearcher's avatar
This is gorgeous! Exactly how I imagined it! :)
TAloisi's avatar
This makes me want to read the book
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katsawildcat's avatar
I absolutly love this drawing.
I love that book. Great drawing!!!!
avast-its-madi's avatar
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Okay!! this is beautiful!! And Graceling art! And it's really hard to find Graceling art so you've just made my day!
cherryclaires's avatar
i really love your art style, it has something of a fairytale and a dream and a little music...i cannot really describe it, but it´s great! and i´m happy you drew smth. out of this book♥
ElysseFray111's avatar
This fanart is making me really want to read the book!
La-Chapeliere-Folle's avatar
I really recommend it. It was a wonderful book :nod:
Ryroherewego's avatar
This is lovely! The colours are so beautiful and I love the detail on the corset :)

Twi x
Tj2damax's avatar
Her hair is amazing!:la: and the rest of your art!
alynn379's avatar
VERY pretty, love the blue coloring.....
My-secret-world's avatar So much amazing detail:faint:
LovelyLadyAriadne's avatar
Absolutely beautiful, the details are astonishing!
Sayonarasolo's avatar
love it, awesome design :) love your art in general
chamha's avatar
Her curly hair is lovely! (Along with the rest of the picture :D )
PedroHenrique-2's avatar
Her hair is lovely, her dress is gorgeous, the cake is...?, the floor is misteryous and the background even more!
La-Chapeliere-Folle's avatar
hahahaha the cake is a fountain :D
PedroHenrique-2's avatar
no! the cake is a lie!
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