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Princess Luna Laptop (Finished)

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EDIT: On ebay.... again [link]

Finally done painting the Luna laptop I've been working on since december. Gloss coat and everything.

battery is missing from the pic on the bottom right cause its drying

Cant believe I forgot this but. the design is based off of By :iconmlpazureglow:
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[first off let me just say this is my first critique, so ill try my best]
I think this is very cool and certainly is pretty original.
The picture on the front is nicely drawn! [i like how you used season one luna] The fact that you used luna's cutie mark in the backround is really neat <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
All the letters/symbols/numbers are all cool looking and visible, though the white letters on the moon are a little hard to see. other than that, this is really really outstanding! Keep up the awesome job and I hope to see more to come :3
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In All honesty it's just the picture. The keys are extremely visible in person. I think its the gloss coat but... *shrugs* Either way. Thanks for the critique
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no problem :3
I hope i fair :D
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I'D WANT... if I had money...
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Oh my gosh...will you be doing anything like this in the future?
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"Shrug" dunno, depends or what I feel like doing
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I'd pay so much for one OuO
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Well I do commissions but im pretty expensive. If youre interested. PM me and we can work something out
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Alright I'll have to save up some money already have quite a bit saved :P Hope I can get enough before I get my new laptop *.*
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sure just note me when you're wanting to commission me
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omg... oooommmmgggg omgmgomg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg :iconspaaaceplz: :iconcore1plz:
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Where can I find this laptop? I want one D:
Looks cool though :D
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It's still for sale. If you want it. Note me
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Spaaaaaaaaaaaace :iconspaaaceplz:
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What sort of paint you used and what are the laptop specs i.e graphics card and all that
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It's an Acer Aspire 0ne. 1.33GHZ Intel Atom processor. Has HD graphics (apparently) but Idk the specs on the Graphics card has a 250GB HDD. Windows 7, google chrome, GIMP 2.8, Steam, skype, dropbox and Jzip oh and WINclam virus protection. everything else has been wiped.
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Very nice! I love the use of the space bar, very creative.
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I can't believe the fandom is making laptops now too...This is amazing! :D
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I love the SPAAAACEbar, but why no ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE for the capslock key? ;P
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That was also my only criticism. :)
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