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Fallout Equestria: The Hand Drawn Comic Issue 3

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Welp Here it is! Finally issue three of FOE THDC!

Title Page by: :iconjellybeenmacsmeg:
Comic drawn by: me
Story by: Kkat

Thanks to: 
My Editor: Wenseph
All mah Pony frends
best pony: Twist with all her Thwag

Curses to:
Sethisto: cause this is apparently a thing for me
BlackGryph0n: for everyhing wrong in my life. Damnit Gryph0n! ;P

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awesome! I love love love it. If the comic is as well made as this then we are in for a dosey I just hope that the actual plot behind the comic is as good as this or else it will just be another comic that looks pretty and nothing else. But yeah I'm getting off topic the art is lovely and hope to see the comic soon. I do have a problem with it the back ground could use a little work but other than that minor detail the drawing is awesome. one more thing banana banana banana banana.
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I think I you are setting up the downloads for the issues when they are colored, so I would like to know: How long does the coloring take?
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I'm not colouring any of them any more, I just haven't gotten around to upload the .CBR for this one
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Ahh, well thanks for a fast reply XD.
Is there anyone else coloring it?
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nope no one is colouring it at the moment
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Nooo! I have problems seeing what things are meant to be, with no color. I'll still read it, but it'll just be harder for me to follow.
Which want be as bad as the book... for my reading problems making it almost impossible for me to really feel the feels.

So in short, thanks for what you are doing and have done. lol
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(i probably already did this comment.eh whatevs.) War. War never changes. But your sense of danger must change. or else... consider yourself dead,friend.
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if this cover art is anything to go by, tthe rest of this issue will be AWESOME! 
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Awesome!  Congrats on finishing another chapter!
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Yeah And it's good!

Like a field goal!

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