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Fallout Equestria: The Hand Drawn Comic Issue 1

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Download the Full comic here: [link]

or by clicking the download button for this deviation. Trust me you'll want to it has extra goodies in it then what I'm posting on deviant art

What started off as a small favour for a friend turned into a full out month long project Drawn by hand then coloured in on GIMP

I put plenty of easter eggs through out the comic even some for sethisto (Call him up and tell him he's a little bitch who doesn't deserve to worship Trixie if he can't find all of his easter eggs). Can you find them all?

Comic drawn and coloured by: Me
Title Page coloured by: :iconcassiiiie:

Special Thanks to:

Wenseph my editor

Urimas for letting me base my Velvet Remedy off of his Velvet Remedy and for letting me steal his Overmare

Kkat for Writing Fallout Equestria


Lauren Faust and the rest of the Hasbro Team For My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Special Curses To:

The Elements of Music (Glaze, The Living Tombstone, JackleApp, Eurobeat Brony, Mic the Microphone, IBringDaLulz) for making music that impossible to work to (In other words confound these musicians, They drive me to dance!


Sethisto for somehow getting me to climb aboard the Trixie train. (Seriously I used to hate Trixie now she's in my top 5)

Title Page based off of the FE poster by: :iconomny87:

Next: [link]

Prologue P1: [link]

Prologue P2: [link]

Page 1: [link]

Page 2: [link]

Page 3: [link]

Page 4: [link]

Page 5: [link]

Page 6: [link]

Page 7: [link]

Page 8: [link]

Issue 2: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
© 2011 Hasbro. All rights reserved.
© 2012 - 2021 L9OBL
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Who is that in the top left?
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A comic adaptation? Me bucking gusta!
SPINO495's avatar much talent and...take all my money please..just take it !
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Shit wait... Pedro? How did I not realize that was you.... wow I feel kinda oblivious....
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ummm thanks...
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My name isn't pedro and they blocked livestream on my school laptop, but mikey will find a way around the firewall someway
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you're right we changed it to Paco didn't we? (Or are you getting sick of the whole Mexican joke thing in which case I apologize)
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allrighty then guess the joke's run it's course. sorry bout that
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Now time for the canadian jokes to rooolll in!
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lol you do know I will throw oranges at you XD
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A Fallout Equestria Comic ......

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Your bits are worthless here. We use bottle caps!
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Message from Kkat:

Wow. I am humbled and amazed that you would create a comic from my story. Thank you! Please keep going with it. :happybounce:
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Awesome glad he enjoyed it! hope he doesn't mind that I had to butcher it a bit lol. But What can I say in comics, monologuing is a bitch.
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I didn't hesitate to fav this... my expectations are giving me an orgasm - FINALLY! :ohnoes: :iconyeahplz: Fallout Eqd 4 Life
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Meh, I don't know...:-? I WANT to read it, but I don't really trust downloads from multi user sites like this...
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then read it on DA or click download on the title page as it's the same file I put on media fire
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Awesome job! You are going to get more followers than you know what to do with, and I will be one of them.
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You kidding me I logged on today after school and had like 200 new messages. I still have yet to pick my jaw up off the floor lol
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Oh, man, you have a LOT of work ahead of you.
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This is bucking amazing! It's a little painful knowing the story and how much you had to skip to fit it in comic form but it can't be helped. I love it and hope to see more of this soon it's great. Don't let haters tell you otherwise, you are an amazing artist and make great comics, keep up the good work!
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