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Fallout Equestria: THDC Issue 2 Page 3

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For Realsies this time!

Full comic .cbr: [link]
Or click download on the Title Page

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Issue two of the comic! Finally god this took wayyyy too long. Still some easter eggs in this one but not as many as issue one. I just had nothing to work with. There are 4 Trixie cutie marks again plus a few others.

Backgrounds and Title page by: :iconjellybeenmacsmeg:

Foregrounds by: Me

Story by: kKat

Special thanks to:

My editor: Wenseph

:iconyashmon: for helping out with the backgrounds when I needed

MicdaMicrophoneZero for his awesome sense of humour as well as :iconjackleapp:

Lauren Faust for My little pony

and TeaLeaves (aka LadyRarity) for being so fun to destroy in Tribes Ascend

Special curses to:

Delays for sucking

Eyeballs for being a bitch

and Sethisto cause, Why not?

Title Page: [link]

Page 1: [link]

Page 2: [link]

Page 3: You are Here

Page 4: [link]

Page 5: [link]

Page 6: [link]

Page 7: [link]

Page 8: [link]

Page 9: [link]

Page 10: [link]

Page 11: [link]

Page 12: [link]

Page 13: [link]

Page 14: [link]

Page 15: [link]

Page 16: [link]

Page 17: [link]

Page 18: [link]

Page 19: [link]

Page 20: [link]

Page 21: [link]

Page 22: [link]
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In panel 6 I thought her nose and ears were a ghost jumping up in front of her XD
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"and I hope one day you will to" => "and I hope one day you will too"

I think it should be "too" shouldn't it? I wonder why so many people have problems with to and too. Just like most people never get "a lot" right.
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In all honesty IDK. I'm ESL so I copy paste text from the fanfic cause My english is crap. I mess up alot of english XD can speak it, can read it but I cant rite it
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I'm sorry for pointing this out, because you have done an amazing job, but in panel six, It lookes like Lil' Pip is seeing a ghost :O
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The next link on this one sends you to the previous page.
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I think you're clicking previous cause next is the top one of the two links and it works fine for me
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