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Fallout Equestria: THDC Issue 2 Page 2

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For Realsies this time!

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Issue two of the comic! Finally god this took wayyyy too long. Still some easter eggs in this one but not as many as issue one. I just had nothing to work with. There are 4 Trixie cutie marks again plus a few others.

Backgrounds and Title page by: :iconjellybeenmacsmeg:

Foregrounds by: Me

Story by: kKat

Special thanks to:

My editor: Wenseph

:iconyashmon: for helping out with the backgrounds when I needed

MicdaMicrophoneZero for his awesome sense of humour as well as :iconjackleapp:

Lauren Faust for My little pony

and TeaLeaves (aka LadyRarity) for being so fun to destroy in Tribes Ascend

Special curses to:

Delays for sucking

Eyeballs for being a bitch

and Sethisto cause, Why not?

Title Page: [link]

Page 1: [link]

Page 2: You are Here

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Page 4: [link]

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Page 6: [link]

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Page 8: [link]

Page 9: [link]

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Page 11: [link]

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Page 13: [link]

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"Equestria Daily". That's how I got to this comic in the first place.
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I really like how it's drawn in the last panel, when the character is seen from the front. You still need to work on other perspectives though, such as in the other panels where the character is seen from the side. The snout in particular.

Keep up the work, I see potential.
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Ponies > 4th wall.
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EqD broadcast. Cause screw any barrieres.
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You. *sniff* is my hero
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"We've holed up in the cistern near the old memorial. We are running out of food..."
God damn. As I read this again, I instantly had to think of Scorch's reading and it really gave me the chills. *shivers*
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As soon as I saw "Equestria Daily" I just lost it. :lol:
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