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Fallout Equestria THDC CHPT3 Page 56

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edit: made bullets more visible in panel 7 (I hope lol)

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Pages and pages of new content. Always a joy to see it, and with the level of emotion being shown from Littlepip now is wonderful to look at. You clearly understand how she would show what she's feeling. The perspective looks a little off in that first panel where the axehead seems smaller than the neck it is cutting into. (granted, yes, it could be that small, but still) Also, in the last few panels it's hard to tell the pony was shot. However, with the kind of drive you have, you'll be even better in no time at all.
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Well, aint that a cliche quote to come from a simple raider.
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(added to the critique) *other than the shooting sound effects I mean. Although with the way the environment is conveyed, it is rather difficult to show. Just my two cents.*