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Fallout Equestria THDC CHPT3 Page 51

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YAAAYYY late page. Visiting my rents for the holidays. Will most likely draw up a fuckton of pages but I wont be uploading (my travel laptop and my rent's laptop are't set up with what I need to clean them properly) so expect a mass upload when I get back and can clean the pages properly (my travel laptop is however set up to do digital art. so expect some drawings in the near future)

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Seems like me and Littlepip got the same line of thought. Always make sure you wont get shot when going through a door.
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I love this story in general and have personally put together a group of people and worked on a radio play of it so any work of this nature is always good.  My only critique is that you try to separate the background from the characters more. By that i mean in the first 4 panels the background and foreground blend together so much that even though you have a good characterization of Little Pip going on, it's difficult to actually SEE her without working at it.  I understand your working only in gray scale and pencils but if you leave just a bit of room around each character and fade the background around just them it will make them stand out that much more.