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Fallout Equestria THDC CHPT3 Page 3.... ish

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So this is a slightly cleaned up rough. I forgot what poor shape my scanner was in and how smudgy all the roughs were from being carried along in that file folder..... I screwed around with the contrast and brightness to bring out the line art. then dropped an outline onto it. so If i continue the comic this is what your looking at except better drawn and shaded (I'm going to redraw CHPT 3 if I do it) so what do you guys want? Drop the comic or do it in pencil?
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Message from Kkat:

I'm fully in agreement with :iconwhitewolfstormrunner: : I love what you're doing and I would definitely rather see you continue it in pencil, than drop it altogether. But you have to do what's best for you. Doing this comic should be a work of love, not a chore. If it ceases to be the former, it's time to stop. Until then, however, I dearly hope to see you continue.
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I'm disappointed (Although not overly surprised) to hear the news, but I have read some very nice comics done in pencil, and that doesn't mean a loss of quality...in fact, a lot of the problems you've been having were in relation to color, so this might just be the way to go. Maybe a little more refinement, and some shading, and it'll be as good as, or better than the colored versions.
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I like the pencil look :)
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Myself, I'D rather see you continue it in pencil, rather than completely drop it.

But YOU have to do what's best for you. I'd miss you DOING the comic, but I know how Real Life is sometimes. Too MUCH so, in fact.
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Doing it in pencil isn't much of a hassle for me. It's more a question of whether or not changing to pencil would have a fan base or not. I know I'm all about, art for art's sake and fuck the fan-base, buuut this seems pointless as fuck without you guys lol. But thanks for the vote of confidence, I'm going to sit on the decision until this weekend, release a few more pages, redraw a couple and see what that's like; and if I like where it all stands I'll start releasing it in pencil.
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That's the spirit!

And yeah, it's ALWAYS a good idea to sit on decisions for a bit to see how YOU feel about them.

I have a feeling that your fans will follow the comic no matter WHAT form it's in. I know that I will, for sure.;)
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Aha well thanks. hopefully this comic can turn into something more manageable. I'd really like to try and make it more The Walking Dead, style too
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You're very welcome.

I hope so, too.

And it's YOUR comic; you can do whatever you WANT with it! GO for it, I say!!!
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