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Fallout Equestria THDC CHPT3 Page 13

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I REALLY don't like this page. I forced wayyyyyy too much of this. and not the "forcing myself out of bed to draw cause I'm sick and bored and don't know what to do" but the "I really don't wanna do this but have to" forced. Don't worry it's not like I'm sick of the comic it's just that I started a new project which I spent over 60 hours on over the weekend and really really really wanna get back to doing that cause it was tons of fun. that and this was a shitty page period. Either way. New page! and cool new project coming over the next couple of weeks. so expect about 2 pages a week on the FOE comic for the next couple weeks until the Other thing I'm working on is finished.

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Even if you think it's a terrible page, it's quite simple to understand what's going on. You got quite the skill in conveyance with your artwork. She's staying hidden and causing distractions to sneak around Ponyville and avoid getting shot to death. Well done as usual.