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Fallout Equestria: THDC CHPT 5 P20

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I know I said i was gonna upload one every day till I ran out. but I forgot to lol. so page dump. This'll be the last page in close to a year. after the print project is done I'll start it up again. dont worry.

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Loving the comic so far. Looking forward to your return. Kinda wish you could color in the previous chapters and upload the bulk rar files like you did with 1 & 2, but I guess you'd just like to get the chapters moving as quickly as possible. I understand, and I'll understand if other projects and RL keeps you from this. Keep up the good work, with anything your doing. :)
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I'll never understand how ponies can grow beards.
I wonder how the scene with the mint-als and the train ponies will turn in the comic.
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Looks like this dude has learned how to say hello from AJ.