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Fallout Equestria: THDC CHPT 5 P15

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woooo. back. for a little bit. here's a run down of whats happened. So In august my OS had a software malfunction and I lost everything re setting my computer. around that time I also got hired out to do a bunch of art for Dead Tree Studios. a cool new little company I'm a part of that, at the moment is making a print project of the Fallout Equestria PnP Table top RPG. so to balance out the comic and the work for Dead Tree Studios. I'm doing a month for comic a month for Dead Tree. october is Comic month. however the last 20 days  were spent redoing all the pages I lost in my system crash. so you guys only get two weeks this month. Keep an eye out for Dead tree Studios's initial release in december. where they're gonna open up their website and show some of the stuff they are doing. But their main massive press release will be at a con in 2016. hopefully Babscon other than that. yaaaayyy comics!

oh, also I no longer have a premium membership. I think core and it's pricing is stupid so some of the cool shit I had going on before are now gone.

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Love it, it would make a good comic series.
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i love it the detil i love it its come so far and i think it is very good *pats you on the back* :)