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Fallout Equestria THDC CHPT 4 P4

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I've sort of skimmed through a variety of your bits and pieces of a so to say comic rendition of the FOE lore, but since I'm keen on wanting to give constructive criticism, I'll give it to you now. Often the artstyle you attempt is rather extremely messy, whethere that is for the intention of the world or out of errors with how you draw, such as the clear eraser etchings. I hope that you aren't trying to draw these segments on the fly to rush certain things, with some rooms and corridors often seeming poorly detailed. In terms of originality, I know that many of anyone could do a comic segment of the FOE lore with a little bit more time to draw out clear and concise lines to build the lore. In terms of impact, I can honor your ability to attempt to show every little speck and detail of what is going on, especially if it may be extremely uncomfortable to see (such as the raped ponies in twilight's library).

Overall, I would say that you need to start tuning up your drawing as it is quite messy and rugged and often crowds the segments at hand. The editing of the black bars and text clouds are clean, and should be preserved, but I would say that you need to try to draw these comic segments with a easier hand.
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"Next" link is broken.
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Uhh. The next page link keeps sending me back here. Is that some sort of unfixed April Fools joke, L90BL?