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Alaska Stamp

:deviation: ::Alaska Stamp::

This stamp can be used for displaying on dA without my permission.
All I ask is if you use it please :+fav: it :D

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© 2007 - 2021 l8
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MagicMovieNerd's avatar
I was born and raised there! (I live in SD now)
BugzAttack's avatar
nice! Been looking for a stamp from my state. :)
ShinanaEvangelian's avatar
I am Alaskan and proud of it! Cheerleader :love: 
pixelplatypus413's avatar
I am a proud Alaskan!!

I miss my home so much :'(
hinazuki's avatar
Ohh my poor heart

I've lived there for ten years and then moved down south.

I still miss it so much.

Alaskan and Proud
MrDrPrFr907's avatar
You had to move to the... (shudders) CONTIGUOUS STATES?! :noes:

You poor soul.
hinazuki's avatar
sadly onion head 'sigh'  i miss being up near Canada and all the snow up there : (

its not too bad, but I still miss the cold weather ; v;

states like Minnesota would've been fine with all the snow ;; 
silversteam11's avatar
I'm alaskan TOTALLY USING!!!
AK-Outstanding's avatar
We have the coolest flag of all the states!
CandiTheWildPig's avatar
Wow, narcissist much? :XD:

But to be fair, Alaska is my favorite state. And the flag really reminds me of the European flag! ^^
AK-Outstanding's avatar
XD No, it's the truth.

Our flag was designed by a 12/13 year old in 1927. In a state wide, school competition, his prize was a gold watch engraved with his design and a $1,000 trip to Washington DC that never took place.  The history, not exactly the design (thought that helps) is what makes it the coolest. 
CandiTheWildPig's avatar
I was only kidding. X3

Yes I do think Alaska is very awesome. :)
AK-Outstanding's avatar
XD I know, I probably would have made that same comment lol. 

AK-Outstanding's avatar
I'm Alaskan! Using!!
Russian-America's avatar
I'm Russian, but Alaska is my inner Motherland :D Thank you for this stamp!
ninjakittythornfur's avatar
Woo! ALASKA! I've lived there my whole life and still live there
ImExcited's avatar
I want to move to Alaska sooo bad... :heart:
MieleGrey's avatar
Ive lived here all my life and never left♥
plus im half native.
Thank you for making this stamp~
Sands-Of-Grace's avatar
I live in Alaska, I'm so using this!
YupikCingliaq's avatar
It's really koooooool! I thank you for my flag and ALASKAN'S FLAG :tighthug:

::Alaska Flag:: Is that right?
YupikCingliaq's avatar
I'm proud to be a Yupik Alaskan!!!! :nod: :D I love my state!!!!! I'm born in the middle of no where!!!! :O
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