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About: A group designated for the crack world of Left 4 Middle School, a place where Special Infected can educate and become educated. (Basically an RP group for L4D OCs set in a city where the locals live among the infected as one society)

:star: Be nice to other members.
:star: Only submit art with approved characters.
:star: Art with family of approved characters is allowed as long as the art piece contains an approved character.
:star: If you're going to draw characters that don't belong to you, ASK FIRST.
:star: If you've asked and you're drawing characters that don't belong to you, FOLLOW THE REF.
:star: Nothing TOO EXTREME in the artwork please, if you know what I mean.
:star: Don't pair characters that don't belong to you, unless you ask.
:star: Due to being a group based off a video game, bloodlines tied to other videogame characters for your OC are acceptable. (I.E. Scuttle and Knaw being related to the Hood Family; Altair, AlexMercer, GLaDOS, etc.) However, if the video game character is already taken you may not use them.
:star: The average member is only allowed to have two characters. HOWEVER, on request, special permission for a third character can be granted.

The following rules are for those who wish to ROLEPLAY in the chatrooms. The rules above pertain to only those who wish to submit art.

Chatroom Rules
:star: You can only role play as your own characters. (Family members of the approved character are acceptable)
:star: You cannot role play as characters that have not been approved.
:star: Use Parenthesis around your posts when you are not role playing but still feel the need to get your two cents in.
:star: Try to keep it appropriate, AKA: Don't role play anything you might be banned for.
:star: If your character is a student, ACT THEIR AGE. No drugs, alcohol, etc.
:star: Keep the emo to a minimum, AKA no wrist slicing, suicide, etc.
:star: No pedophilia.
:star: NO SELF INSERTION. With the exception of the admins as they run the school.
:star: No GodModing. In short, you only know as much as the character does and do not control the actions of others.
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618 Members
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Character List


Send a note to Daps101 with the subject being: "I want to join the L4MS Discord Chat!" and include your discord 'username#xxxx'


:bulletblue:Want to submit a character to L4MS?:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Please read L4MS: The Basics :bulletblue:

:bulletred:IF YOU WISH TO LEAVE L4MS, note the group saying so and we will withdraw your characters.:bulletred:


Ms. Tea - Spitter - Language and Composition
Nate Campbell - Smoker – Algebra Teacher
Vance Tazin - Hunter - War History Teacher
Dr. Rook - Smoker - Chemistry
Mr. Christianson - Smoker - Physics
Logan Shitgetsreal - Tank – General P.E. Teacher
Lucientes - Hunter - Electronic Musical Arts Teacher
Hector - Mudman - Choir Teacher
Jiji - Hunter - Art 1 Teacher
Kliment Bartoszewicz - Screamer - Drama Teacher
Kirk DelaCruz - Hunter - Culinary Arts Teacher
Zoey - Hunter/Witch - TA for Logan


Bane - Immune - Principal
Dan - Immune - Vice Principal
Kagami - Immune - Vice Principal
Logan Shitgetsreal - Tank - Activities Director
Oliver - Immune – Education Director
Isatis Auttemberg - Witch
Ms. Angela - Naga* - Cheer Coach
Logan Shitgetsreal - Tank – Football Coach
Lunch Staff:
Aaron Curtis - Boomer - School Bus Driver

Local Vendors

Aarin Reevis - Jockey/Spitter - Owns R&R Arcade
Alexa Wolfe - Hunter - Owns Lexi’s Tatts
Crash E - Hunter/Witch - Works at J.J. Scoops
Dorian - Witch - Owns Costume Store
Edward - Jockey/Screamer - Owns Local Cinema
Jared - Hunter – Lifeguard at L4 Community Pool
Kori Syx - Common - Works at pet supply store
Levi - Hunter - Owner of L4 Ranch
Luu - Hunter - Works at Food Mart
Rick - Smoker - Owners of Videogame/Record store "G4M3S 4 L3SS"
Scuttle Miles - Hunter - Manager at J.J. Scoops
Snaggle Marie Daniels - Hunter - Owns Zombie Gearz
Russell G. Oats - Common - Owns Bowling Works
Winston - Immune - Owns Lemonade Stand
Vadik Chazov - Witch - Owns ll corsetto piccolo
Zoey - Hunter/Witch - Works at J.J. Scoops


Calimarie - Hunter
Casey - Hunter
Cherry - Hunter
Clementime - Hunter
Daniel Moore - Hunter
Fido - Hunter
Flynn - Hunter
Hunter - Hunter
Tamara Joyce - Hunter
Nartana - Hunter
Kipper - Hunter
Knaw Miles - Hunter
Rossy - Hunter
Sam - Hunter
Zipper Daniels - Hunter

Abril Evans - Smoker
Anna - Smoker
Ark - Smoker
Havel Madison - Smoker
Kyla Joyce - Smoker
Ray Emerson - Smoker
Skeet - Smoker

Alexis Season - Witch
Claire Romero - Witch
Elena - Witch
Ellie - Witch
Emma - Witch
Haven Lachance - Witch
Lucas - Witch
Sally - Witch

Felicity - Jockey

Casey - Charger

Bianca - Spitter
Cornelia “Nell” Harkan - Spitter

GG Halo - Screamer
Leah Paul - Screamer

No Boomers yet.

Alexandria - Common
Cole Spencer - Fallen Survivor
Jay - Common

Aiko Raven - Hunter/Witch
Alice Valentine - Smoker/Witch
Joshua - Common/Smoker
Just Campbell - Hunter/Charger
Mark Deline - Common/Jockey
Mark Tovolo - Screamer/Tank
Stacy Valport - Witch/Screamer
Sythe - Tank/Witch
Tobia Hencole - Hunter/Common Infected
Trent Ventulez - Jockey/Screamer

Bo - Immune
Carlos - Immune
Matt - Immune
Zachary Taylor - Immune



Gallery Folders

Sisters by Soggy-Pizza
Dont ask the hitch its gender by Baileyartist
Hitch ref sheet by Baileyartist
tape and tape and tape and by UndeadKipper
Teachers by ColumbiasDismantler
Oliver Christianson Infected L4MS Physics Teacher by OliverTauras
Kliment  Bartoszewicz :Orange: ref by KagamiShinami
Zoey by Pikazxyz101
Archie by InterspeciesFox
Principal Bane of L4MS by DragonRider13025
Vice Principal Dan by Pikazxyz101
Vice principal Kagami(Kagi) and her pet Davis by KagamiShinami
LM4S: Tamara Joyce! by TheAwesomeNerd
L4MS Carlos by LovelyTony
Leah Paul L4DMS by BunchOhWeirdos
Just some kids by Emirobat
Luu_Xepher by TheLizAngel
Aaron Curtis by Emirobat
OCRef: Luu by TheLizAngel
Kipper 2018 by UndeadKipper
L4MS Ref - 'Lee' Spencer by Kosmogonia
L4MS Ref - Kallisto Rachen by Kosmogonia
Hunter Luu by TheLizAngel
L4MS Comics
The Wimp and The Bully - Cover by Emirobat
Cool Kid by Emirobat
L4MS - Revenge by Emirobat
Freckles... by OliverTauras
After School
Snowfight by Emirobat
Bleh  by Ca55tamere
Candy Coated  by Ca55tamere
Falling In The Deep  by Ca55tamere
High school Leah Paul by BunchOhWeirdos
Benjamin by OliverTauras
High School Troublemaker by Ca55tamere
Kippy by UndeadKipper
LUU AND SCUTTLE by DragonRider13025
L4MS Cosplay
ATTACK! by antaale
L4HS: CHS GD by DragonRider13025
Savor Summer... with a swim! by Pikazxyz101
The Graveyard
the intercom buzzes..

"GOOD MORNING STUDENTS OF LEFT 4 MIDDLE SCHOOL, this is your principal speaking and I have a very important announcement to make."

Starting today we will be implementing a CURRENCY SYSTEM within the school. So whenever you draw, write, or participate in events at the school, or in town, you can earn some money to spend. But this isn't your typical dolla bill you earn or spend at the store, no no, this is L4MS exclusive cash. For every piece you submit to the gallery, you will receive a certain number of JB based on its components (listed below). What are JB? I'm glad you asked! As most fo you are aware, there is a dragon that lives in the ceilings and walls of the school. Their name is Jellybeans and the dragon will spit out JB, or Jelly Bucks, at you. This currency is worthless anywhere else, and don't even think about printing off your own JB to cheat the system. It's not rumor that Jellybeans eats misbehaving students....

But you may be asking yourself, if my JB is useless everywhere, where is it useful? Ah, you naive children, you can use your JB to buy things for yourself, or for your creator, at the shop right outside the school. If you look beyond the playground, there is a bush you will find is sparkling-- shake it and a magical wizard hobo will appear. This strange man will assess your JB and give you items based on the amount you give him. Fret not! The man is not dangerous. Welllll-- that's all I have for you today! Have fun! Learn a lot! And whoever is sticking gum to the drinking fountains so they splash people in the face... you can turn yourself into the office, or Betsy will find you.

intercom clicks


Note: Character Refs do not count for JB

Written Content
Written Pieces get $2 JB per 35 words.
RP Logs split the total JB among each individual by dividing total by number of RP participants

Drawn Content
Chibi gets $10 JB
Portrait/Bust gets $5 JB
Half body (knee-up) gets $15 JB
Full body gets $20 JB

Simple BG (one color or pattern) gets $3 JB
Complex BG (something that depicts a clear setting) $5 JB

Add if applicable...:
Rough Sketches get $1 JB.
Cleaned Sketches get $5 JB
Linework gets $10 JB.

Flat Colors get $5 JB
Cel-Shading gets $10 JB
Complex/paint shading gets $15 JB

If you draw another character that you own (Extra Own), add $3 JB
If you draw another character that is not your own (Extra Other), add $5 JB
If you draw character(s) interacting with the setting (Extra Setting) (playing with a dog, climbing a tree, playing a sport etc), add $10 JB

I submit a work of my character dancing by themselves. It is lined, flat colored, and there is a polka-dot pattern as the BG
( Full Body + Linework + Flat Color ) + ( Simple BG + Linework + Flat Colors ) = $53 JB

I submit a work of my character and their 2 friends, half bodies, in town on their skateboards. No lines done, cel-shading.
( Half body + Cel shading + Extra Setting )
( Half body + Cel shading + Extra Setting + Extra Other)
( Complex BG + Cel shading )
Total: $135 JB

Add these to the total after you've done the base calculations:
if it's a COMIC (that is at least 3 panels) add $15 JB count each panel as its own piece
if it's a SIMPLE ANIMATION (like eyelids blinking, swaying motion, etc), add $5 JB
if it's an ENTIRE ANIMATION add $20 JB! AND add $5 JB for every 30sec after the initial 30sec.

CLUBS add $10 JB
SPORTS add $10 JB

if it's for an EVENT add $10 JB
if it's for an EVENT that has passed, add $5 JB
if it's for the MONTHLY ROTATION AU add $15 JB
if it's for the MONTHLY CHALLENGE double the JB!! (can only be done once a month per character)

PLEASE calculate your own JB for each piece and put it in the artist description. This makes it easier for us mods to collect data. We will keep a bank of EXP written in a doc for you, but we encourage you to keep records yourselves as well, in case we make a mistake!



L4MS Character Slot || $150 JB || In Stock! :: Opens one additional character slot beyond the 3 slots you start with. Must purchase this before buying a Registration Slip, Employment Form, Entrepreneurship Form, Verified Name Tag, or other character forms.
L4MS Registration Slip || $250 JB || In Stock! :: Allows you to bring in a new student into the school!
L4MS Employment Form || $500 JB || In Stock! :: Allows you to bring in a new teacher! (Please ask for available positions before purchasing to reserve a subject)
L4 Entrepreneurship Form || $250 JB || In Stock! :: Allows you to create a Vendor character! (Please state where they work in their bio)
L4 Verified Name Tag || $200 JB || In Stock! :: Allows you to turn a family NPC into a fully role-playing character!
L4 Club Form || $100 JB || In Stock! :: Allows you to start up your own club! Work submitted for clubs will receive a bonus!
L4 Sports Form || $100 JB || In Stock! :: Sign up for a sport! Works submitted for sports will receive a bonus!
L4 Part Time Work || $100 JB || In Stock! :: L4HS ONLY -- get a job! Earn a bonus when submitted works for jobs!
Mutation Shot || $1000 JB || In Stock! :: Allows you to change your zombie mutation. Caution!! Excessive use of this item will cause strange side-mutations if abused...
Virus Vaccine || $1000 JB || In Stock! :: Allows you to cure a zombie into a human immune. Caution!! Once this has occurred, you cannot go back!


Magic Bean? || $25 JB || In Stock! :: It might be magic! It might not... What does it even do?
Cat Food || $10 JB || In Stock! :: Use this to feed the cats that lurk outside the school! It might....not be safe to attract too many cats though...
Local Bus Ticket || $100 JB || Out of Stock! :: Use this to travel to a neighboring town or city!
Alternate Universe Worm Hole || $200 JB || In Stock! :: A portal that leads to another world... Lasts for a week. Work submitted for this AU will be given half the AU bonus. (AU must be approved by admins first)
Basement Key || $300 JB || In Stock! :: You managed to forge a key that leads to the basement... I wonder what lurks down there?


??MS Registration Slip || $350 JB || Out of Stock! :: Create a new Student to attend ??MS
FMMS Registration Slip || $350 JB || Out of Stock! :: Create a new Student to attend FMMS
DCMS Registration Slip || $350 JB || Out of Stock! :: Create a new Student to attend DCMS
ALA Registration Slip || $600 JB || Out of Stock! :: Create a new Student to attend ALA
SASA Registration Slip || $600 JB || Out of Stock! :: Create a new Student to attend SASA
FDSHL Registration Slip || $600 JB || Out of Stock! :: Create a new Student to attend FDSHL
Hybrid Character Pass || $400 JB || Out of Stock! :: Grants you the ability to create a character of cross-mutant genes!
Mystery Ticket || $100 JB || In Stock! :: I wonder what this does...? Limit one per character.


Jack o Lantern || $500 JB || In Stock! :: Changes Event Bonus on submitted works from $10 JB to $20 JB!!
Immortal Jack || $1000 JB || In Stock! :: Allows you to continue to get an Event Bonus from Halloween 2017 event works throughout the year!!
Giant Lollipop || $500 JB || In Stock! :: Enters you into the Halloween Event Raffle! One per member.
Magic Candy || $50 JB || In Stock! :: Eat it to gain the ability to float! Or shrink! Or turn invisible! The effect is random! Lasts 24 hrs.
Cursed Candy || $100 JB || In Stock! :: Trick your friends/enemies to eat it and turn them into an animal at random! Lasts 24 hrs.


Donation Box || $??? JB || Donate however much you'd like! After the total amount collected passes specific benchmarks, things will be unlocked for everyone in the group! They can be special, rare, event-only, or even Donation-Unique items or outcomes! Only time, and money, can tell!
Lottery Ticket || $100 JB || In Stock! :: Try your chance to get a random item in the store! It must be in stock.
777 Ticket || $777 JB || In Stock! :: Try your chance to double what you paid for!
666 Ticket || $666 JB || In Stock! :: Try your chance to triple what you paid for.... but if your luck runs out, you also lose an additional $200 JB...
333 Ticket || $333 JB || Out of Stock! :: Try your chance to buy an item out of stock!


Small City Development || $50 JB || In Stock! :: Add something small to the town, like a fountain! (Must be approved by admins first)
Moderate City Development || $200 JB || In Stock! :: Add something moderate to the town, like a new park! (Must be approved by admins first)
Large City Development || $800 JB || In Stock! :: Add something large to the town, like a new shopping center! (Must be approved by admins first)
Upgrade City || $600 JB || In Stock! :: Change something about the town that already exists to make it even better! (Must be approved by admins first)
Discover a New Landmark || $900 JB || Out of Stock! :: Uncover something new to explore!
Discover a New City || $1000 JB || Out of Stock! :: Expand the map's horizons!


L4Town Officials are working on an official, clean, and pristine map!....... but for now, all we have to work with is a few descriptions. The Principal is working on a temporary map but it is not yet finished. When it is, it shall be posted in the Featured Gallery until the official map is released!

The school sits in the middle, with houses near it. The shopping center and local vendors sit south of the school. The park sits north of the school, along with the community center, gym, and pool. To the east is the beach and the pier. To the west is the hills and where Levi's ranch is located.

Some notable places around town...
Levi's Ranch
Community Pool
Carnival on the Pier
The Beach
Cliffside Park (up a trail in the woods south of town)

There are 4 outgoing highways. The southbound highway, which cuts through the woods, leads to a New Moon City. The westward bound highway cuts through the hills and leads to ???town. The northbound highway leads to Frankenfort. The eastbound highway is a bridge that crosses the body of water to Mutopolis.
More Journal Entries



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