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Monster Mammoth Update!!

Sat Aug 2, 2008, 2:38 PM

Blimey...thats all i can say really lol.
Loads of new model pix, Loads of sketches (Including requests which we hope you love hehe!)

Hopes you enjoy looking at our pics!!

Lex's Art:

Ryuk, Oranges and Misa by l3xxybaby   Azure Flame Kite sketch by l3xxybaby   Dark Magician Vs Sketch by l3xxybaby   Yugi And Shady Sketch by l3xxybaby

Ryuk, Oranges and Misa Sketch (Deathnote Request from :iconlovemanga: ), Azure Flame Kite Sketch (.hack//), Dark Magician Vs Blue Eyes Sketch (Yugioh! request from :iconnioki-chan: ), Yugi and Shady Sketch (Yugioh!)

Delz Art:

:thumb93596994:  :thumb93593201:  :thumb93593376:  :thumb93592791:  :thumb93592509:  :thumb93592265:

Is This Happening? (Deathnote request for :iconlovemanga: ), Satoshi and Krad (D.N.Angel), Sexeh Satoshi (D.N.Angel), Congratulations You Pass (Naruto), Sadness and Sorrow (Fullmetal Alchemist), Yugioh and Yugi (Yugioh!).

Models pix!!:

Cant Get Enough Of Axel by l3xxybaby   Axel Kingdom Hearts by l3xxybaby   Wisdom Form Sora by l3xxybaby   FF7 Cloud With Hardy Daytona by l3xxybaby   FF7 Cloud Strife Pic 1 by l3xxybaby   FF7 Cloud Strife Pic 2 by l3xxybaby

Axel X2 pix (Kingdom Hearts 2 Playarts), Wisdom Form Sora (Kingdom Hearts 2 Playarts), Cloud and Hardy Daytona X3 Pix(Final Fantasy 7 Playarts),

Lex and Delz.

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alexpharoa Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
blimey ish a good word
Nioki-chan Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2008
Blimey? Aww! That's just awesome! I love that word! X3

Sankyu! I'm so happy that you've finished my request! 8D
Now... just to view it... =_= *computer takes thousands of years to load... *
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August 2, 2008