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Extreme Update!

Sun Jul 6, 2008, 4:29 AM

Extremely huge update from the past week lol. And theres more to come lol. Hopefully the thumbs explain it all as theres too many to name here lol. (well cept the last two pics which are in progress Orachimaru evolution and chidori sketch).

Final Fantasy Play Arts:
Sephiroth Advent Children by l3xxybaby   Vincent Valentine FF7 by l3xxybaby   Cloud And Aerith Again by l3xxybaby   Squall FF8 Play Arts Model by l3xxybaby   Cloud FF Advent Children by l3xxybaby   Yuffie PlayArts FF7 by l3xxybaby   Rinoa PlayArts FF8 by l3xxybaby   Gabranth Final Fantasy 12 by l3xxybaby   Ashe PlayArts Model by l3xxybaby  

Kingdom Hearts Play Arts:
Kingdom Hearts Trio Faces by l3xxybaby   Kingdom Hearts Trio by l3xxybaby

Bleach Models:
Ichigo Kurosaki Figure by l3xxybaby   Rukia Kuchiki by l3xxybaby   Byakuya Kuchiki by l3xxybaby   Renji Abarai by l3xxybaby   Chad 'Yasutora Sado' Figure by l3xxybaby   Orihime Figure by l3xxybaby

Sketches and In Progress:
Orochimaru color in Progress by l3xxybaby   Chidori Sketch by l3xxybaby

Thanks everyone for all your support. I love seeing ppl appreciate mine and my girlfriends pics by the faves and comments and we hope we continue to churn out pics you like :)

Plus i've finally got round to putting my friends list on my profile now so everyone can see the amazing ppl i've met on here :D

Thanks everyone til next time!

Lex and Del.

  • Reading: Ruro Ken Volume 15
  • Playing: Naruto ultimate ninja heroes 2 (PSP)
  • Drinking: Tea
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Submitted on
July 6, 2008