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The most elite warriors of House Leo are adorned in armor trimmed with gold, and are given the honor of wearing golden laurels, signifying their status and rank. While they do have the authority to take command on the battlefield, they usually rather choose to lead and fight on the front, challenging enemy champions and inspiring the rank and file. 

This particular champion is commonly known as the Lioness. Despite her noble born background, she chose the battlefield over court intrigue. In battle, she uses her glaive with deadly speed and accuracy, piercing through chinks and weak points in the enemy's armor.

Original 2014 version:

4/18/2017 Update: fixed some stuff
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A very awesome character.

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Awesome character,what is her name?
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very very cool!
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holy emperor
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Absolutely fucking amazing. 
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really good looking armor indeed!
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Zomg, thank you! Realistic armor, realistic hair-style! Love it!
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This is very good :)
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I'll take one pls.
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Sofa King beautiful.
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She looks amazing!
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Fantastic design and lore. I really love the balance in red and gold over the metal armour. Simply lovely!
I just love it!!!!!
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wow its great i really love your House Leo art.
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