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House Leo Footman

House Leo boasts one of the most well trained and well equipped infantry in the whole Empire. Their footmen are armored from head to toe with platemail and serve as the steel backbone of the House . Armed with sword and tower shield, Leo Footmen fight in tight wall formations, allowing them to push lesser enemies back through sheer mass. As with all of House Leo, footmen are exceedingly proud and show great prowess and disciplined ferocity in battle.

Leo Footmen are professional soldiers, paid by the House. Their armor is courtesy of House Leo, and bear little decoration one would see on officers and nobles. However, footmen do bear the Aegis Ruber, the small shield on their left shoulder. This often shows the footmans company any major campaigns he has participated in. Footmen also have a small ornament on the top of their breastplate that displays their name.

Indulging in some lore making. Part of an empire in my mind. I'll make more of these House Leo guys and then move on to different Houses/factions in the empire.
House Leo will mostly have Roman-style influences, as seen by the shield and skirt.
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This armor is a mix of the Roman armor with the medieval armor.
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Mixing Roman and medieval armor equals this. Love the design, bloody well done job man.
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This is probably my weakest house Leo piece, but thanks for the commemts!
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Any story behind all those houses?
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not particularly, just some game of throne-esque houses
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Fantastic. YNWA
So cool! Awesome looking style. Very distinct and reconcilable. 
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Great work mate!
Battle ready ;3
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love teh armor
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This is really solid work. I've really been wanting to get better at armor and this is a great reference picture. Awesome job.
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A stunningly textural piece full of life and wonder. The raw power that the depicted subject extrudes is palpable, and the viewer cannot help but be awed by it's majesty. 0/10 its shit lol
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OMG I love armor XD
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this. is. too. awesome. *mindblown*
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