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Commission - Half-Kitsune Dragon Rider

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Noice! :lol: This immediately caught my attention! :D Great work! :happybounce:

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Beautiful art, I loved your dragon

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And for those curious, here the basic backstory of the character:

Backstory: Akira Naïlo is an Half-Kitsune Dragon Rider (Both are homebrew) with an elvish ancestry. Her alignment is Lawful evil, but not for the same reason some might think. She isn’t power hungry, nor would she let anyone be victimized. She’s lawful evil because she’s ready to do about anything as long as in the end the evil is purge out of this realm and the good surface victorious.

Yeh, for her, the end justify the mean, and if she has to become a monster to destroy another monster, so be it.

Her dragon’s name is Lilion, a green dragon who’s soul is bounded to Akira from birth. Some might say she was blessed to be granted such companions, but she doesn’t see it like this. It’s a curse and a reminder of the most horrible day’s of her life, when she brought back home an egg to show it to her family and friends.

To put some context, it was a traditions in her village to go to the forest when you were a young teens and hunt creatures as a rites to become an adult, and Akira wanted to be apart of it. But when she found a bunch of rather big egg inside a huge nest, she couldn’t resist the temptation to bring one home and show it.

Of course, this egg contained a baby green dragon, and this baby had well, a mother. Hence, once the mother’s found out that one of her eggs was missing, she went on a murderous rage, tracking the thief down to get it back.

Every member of her family, except her dad (he wasn’t there when it happened), and close friend died that day to this dragon, and so normally should have Akira.. but she didn’t. Instead, the dragon looked at her straight in the eyes, standing in the middle of the massacre that had just occurred, and flew away. Leaving Akira with the stolen egg, and eternal remorse.

This forever changed Akira, never fully recovering, becoming a shadow of her past and naive self. She made herself a promise: She was going to rid this world of every monster, literally and figuratively, no matter the cost.
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Look amazing, thanks you very much for accepting this commission!