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For the glory of mankind.

Process is available on my Patreon!
2B here:…
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This (and the 2B version) is one of my all time favourites. I love the "darkness" about it, and the facial features stay true to the original.

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Beautiful, amazing work~! 
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She's best girl.
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Wonderful colours!
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Thank you for that really beutiful painting of A2. I've put it as wallpaper on my phone :)
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Awesome style! Great work :D
Interesting going for the seams for the shoulder area. ANd looking forward to more Nier artwork but also cyborg/robots in general. Heh. ;)
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just following the official art :)
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..Is it me or do I like her more than 2B? I think it's the fact that she looks like a war-machine ready to kill than well you know.
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theres just too much 2b fanart, gotta balance it out
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Exactly. But seriously when I think of female combat robots, 2B is literally the last thing on my mind. 
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But, if you looking for Booty that ready for war
It's 2B HAHA 
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A2 is just... but really good fanart!
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White hair is something I rarely see and I think you have done it quite well, congrats. Btw is this an original character or is it fan art, if it is fan art what is it from?
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fanart of A2 from nier automata
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