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Carbon fiber texture

Here we go! Carbon fiber texture ^^
Saw this guy a while ago, when i worked on a 3d project, and he had made a very nice carbon fiber texture, so i just tried making my own for my next project.
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Thank you for having this and sharing.. perfect image.

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Finally something truly high res

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Thanks for sharing, very useful.

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thanks for the texture and especially the giant resolution :dummy:
used it here
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Excellent.  This will come in handy, thank you.
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I'm glad to hear that! (: and thank you
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You should make a tileable version .
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True.. (: But I don't have photoshop anymore. I'm sure it can be made in gimp too.
I actualle just make a tile and made this from the tile. Maybe I have the file on my extern hdd. I could check if you want.
But I found a picture of carbon, and created a similar looking tile
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How did you make this?
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cheers mate for that texture very nice and useful ;)
I used here: [link] and here: [link]
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It's so hard to find a straight Carbon Fiber Texture. :) Thanks so much. I'll post a link here if I end up using it. I'm making a Ubuntu Studio DVD cover (no-one-else seems to have made a decent one recently) decided it needed some additional texture, hopefully I'll be able to get the settings right. :)
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cool (: i hope you can use it.
Good luck!
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Hi I used your stock here: [link]
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Used it here! :D
Thanks for it. Really helpful. :3
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Nice, looks good!
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Thanks guy! That is what I was searching for 2 hours :)
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