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2019 Updates!

Sat Mar 9, 2019, 4:47 AM
    Hey everyone! I hope you doing well^^ So i think i`m ready to try smth new. I`ve prepared some changes and i`m ready to share it with you. First of all - I`ve finished art courses^^ I`ve learned new stuff about design, rendering. coloring and many many more! Yay!))) After courses i`ve decide to draw not only commissions or small daily drawings, but some nice fanart\original drawings. Actually i rly want to make some more fanart drawings^^ This also will be a good practice for me to draw better) For my future drawings\commissions i`ll ofc will be using all things that i`ve learnd on art courses. I`m sure that you will notice difference)
    Last year was a hard year for me, my time managment was not so good, i`ve tried to keep my work organized, but i want to improve it. I want to try smth new) so lets start from commissions.
    I`ve decide to try new rules for Comission stats. From now each type of commissions will have 4 slots (1 - Regular, 2 - Patreon only, 1 - Preorder).
    Regular (1 slot for each type of commissions). This slot will be open for everyone. Simple) This slot will be same as usuall^^
    Patreon only (2 slots for each type of commissions). This is new. insted of special slot that was before. Commission for patreon only slots will have some advantages. They will be done faster, they will be done first and discussion about commissions can be done in discord(if you want). Tier - doesn`t matter, any tier will get acsess to "Patreon only" slots for commissions^^. If you are interested - check all rewards rihgt here
    Preorder(1 slot for each type of commissions). This is not new, but now official (i`ve noticed that many people dont know about that). If you want to get regular slot - you can preorder it. i think 1 slot for each type of commissions is ok. I want to make sure that people dont lose their interest for commission. I`ll start working on your commission as soon as i finish commission in regular slot. 
    Price. Price for commissions was changed, you can find all info here - Comission info (updated)
So this changes are unusuall for me. I`ve tried to make everything simple. What is important and what i've tried to achieve in this changes? - I want to keep everything simple and organized. I feel like my patreons shoud have some advantges, because they desirve it. But i understand that not everyone want to go for it and still desirve to get their commissions in time. i`ve lower the number of regular slots to make sure that i have time and can focus on drawings 1 by 1. In this way i want to lower the pressure on me and as a bonus - everyone will get their commissions in time) I think 1 preorder slot is good idea, to make sure that people can order a commissin slot and do not stress refreshing slots page xD
    I hope this changes will give me some time for original drawings\fanart and other things) I`m still working on all this changes and probably you will see some more minor things going on this page)
Let me know what do you think about it) If you have some ideas how to improve my workflow - please let me know) I`m allways open for suggestions.

If you have some questions - feel free to ask here in the comments or personal in notes if you want to)
Thank you for your time!)

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Happy New Year

Mon Dec 31, 2018, 9:57 AM
Greetings!^^ AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Yea, It was a big year for me. Many things happend to me in this year, many good things but i`m happy that this year comes to an end) New year is my favorit! New year, new goals, new start) I already have table full of dishes, lights, champagne and i`m ready for 2019.
And its time to make a wish!
I wish you to have an awesome 2019 year! I wish you to achive your goals, meet new friends, fulfillment of your dreams^^ 
Now it is your turn to make a wish!

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New start

Mon Dec 24, 2018, 8:22 AM

Greetings! Huge thing happend! I`m starting a Patreon page!^^ And it is a big thing) And i wanna to invite you to my Patreon page
I had this idea for a long time, thinking about rewards and other goodies that i can share with you, and finaly i`ve done it) There you can find things like wips, hi-res files, Behind-the-scenes, PSDs, tutorials, feature and other cool stuff. So please go there and chech it) If you have some questions - feel free to ask.

Also i`m open for suggestions fo feel fre to note me here or if you decide to join - in Discord.

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Get better and faster at drawing!

Thu Aug 23, 2018, 2:19 AM
Hey everyone! I hope you doing well! Yesterday I`ve Updatet my Gumroad  page, Now you can see Updated version of Basics. Light and shadow 1  tutorial. Now it has 2 versions(Basic and Full versions). I highly recomend you guys to check it. This 1 part of the series  that explain basic types of light and shadow, terminology and introduces the process of drawing in Photoshop. 
Also my tool presets are avalible now! I saw that some of you want to know how to use brushes, how to blend colors etc. In Tool presets, brushes, and how to use it you will find everything you need 
to get comfortable and stop waisting your time! I think this is all for now) Thank you for your support!

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Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well! It's time to tell you where I've been missing all this time, where I moved and the nearest plans for the future.

Let's start with moving) At the moment I'm in Kharkov, Ukraine. This was more difficult than I thought, there were many difficulties with the removal of things and documents( I was not allowed to take out my personal belongings. I had to travel back and forth 5 times  to pick up only the most necessary things. The new place is calmer although I still can not get used to it)
A trip of 200 km by car took about 9 hours in one direction and 9 in the opposite direction. Several times I had to spend the night on the border with the military zone to get home.
But I'm glad that I decided to move) in the near future I will finish my move)

Now I can open Commissions) I have more time, the Internet and I'll be honest I missed it very much)

Prices and some conditions will change)

So now you can ask me about reference sheet. You can find everything here -Comission info (updated)

I got many requests about lessons, tutorials,  high-resolution files, etc. and I wanted to create a patreon on this occasion, but now I have difficulties with this, so I decided to start Gumroad.
This is unfortunately a bit more difficult and I'm unsure whether to continue - but all those who are interested - write your proposals and wishes to me in notes or comments please. Feedback is very important to me!

I want to say thank you very much for all the support! It means a lot to me)

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Mon Dec 4, 2017, 1:50 PM
    Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well! Finally, I’ve reached the Internet, and I’d like to make some announcements.
I`ll start with the most important thing – I decided to move . Yup. At this moment Donetsk is going through its dark days and I’m already tired of all these things.
Since October 9, 2017 in Donetsk, there are some problems with access to the Internet, and it continues up to this day, which affect my work a lot. Often I can`t even read the mails people write to me, I can`t open the references, download finished works and sometimes even send a mail to someone -______-
Honestly, I didn`t think that this would last such an extended period of time. As you can see from what is going on now, it won’t get any better...

I am going to move as quick as possible, and I want to deal not only with some moving issues, but with all things that stored up in my life since October. I want to check if everyone received my messages. I apologize to all who didn’t get any replies. Soon I`ll try to contact everyone who didn’t get my mails or whose notes I couldn’t open. I also want to talk to those who have already asked me about the commissions - please, don’t worry, I’m working on it :) I work on your drawings every day, so soon everyone will get what they wanted :)
In this regard, I decide to close my commissions not for long. I realized that it’s better not to pretend saying to my customers  that everything is fine. I will open commissions as soon as I deal with all my actual work.
I’ve changed my PayPal . So, make sure you got my new e-mail address before paying for your commission.

Talking about the tutorial you want to see, I did a poll, and the tutorial is almost finished :) I tried to take into account your wishes I saw in the comments. Thank you guys for participating)

Untitled2-1 by L1nkoln
thank you for ur time) 

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Sat Jul 1, 2017, 5:17 AM
Hello everyone) i hope you doing well! It's been awhile since i upload lat commission. Why? Well, i was in hospital after car accident. But dont worry) i`m fine) while i was there i was rly worried about peole who ask me about commissions (someone even pay me) and i`m rly sorry for such a big delay. I`ve decide to change some things. So from now i`ll make 3 slots for each type of commission: 2 normal slos for everyone and 1 - special. How to get special slot? - if you one of my regular customers, if you wanna make donation (1$ or 100points min), if you wanna see finished commission as soon as possible (+50% from original price), or if you have idea that may be interesting for me (smth like design character, or just cool idea for illustration) - slot is ur`s. Feel free to ask me questions if you want)  I think this can help me to keep my work organized and in this way i think everyone get their paintings in time that they want without big pressure on me) Sounds fair for me. And one more important thing - price. Price will grow up if i`ll have too many requests or if i`ll get better at drawing)
What do you think?
Everyone thanks a lot for patience! Now i`ll go to upload my paintings, read comments and reply to everyone in my notes)
And again sorry for so late reply
Thaths all for now) thanks for ur time!

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Wed Mar 1, 2017, 12:01 PM
Hey everyone) i hope you doing well! I think its time to change price for commissions and update some things. you can find full information here - Comission info (updated)
for those who are too lazy to read everything:
    - new price for every comission type
    - for portrait commissions i wanna make a little bit more then i usually do... any details, tatoos, make up, horns, or any cloth, as well as a some body parts like chest or wings (like this one - Comission for shadowphil666) - included
    - for fullbody with simple bg now cloth, weapons, details, accessories and some bg (like on this one - Commission for nightskrill) - included
    - for fullbody with custom bg now i will provide few versions of ur idea. basically i wanna spend more time on this type of commissions. (like on this - Commission for kahai99, Commission for knuxmania)

and one more.... Mrcopra, if you read this - ur commission is done.... i noticed that ur account was banned on DA so please find me on here -  Social update!
Thats all. thanks for ur time=) 

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Sun Jan 1, 2017, 5:36 PM
Hey everyone) thanks for joining! and I hope all your wishes come true in the new year:3
:happybounce: and here we go - winners!!!!!:happybounce: 

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Happy New Year!!!!(Giveaway)

Thu Dec 29, 2016, 12:03 PM
Hey everyone! I hope you doing well^^ Well...finally the year ended xD I wanna say thanks to everyone who supported me in 2016! I really appreciate your support. And i`m very excited about next year) I wonder how far we can go...  

I want to say a special thank you to these wonderful people: EX-Greed17,  bently96,  ZaydenGryphon ,  shadowphil666,  kahai99,  SedatSwiss,  TheBlackMartyr,  medders,  MarcBrunet,  JesusAConde,  Sephiroth-Art,  JJcanvas,  StaplesART,  Kuzinskiy ! believe me - they are awersome!)

I want to celebrate with you, so here we go) GIVEAWAY TIME!

:squee: Prizes::squee: 

1st place - 500  :points: by Pixelisto
2nd place - 400  :points: by Pixelisto
3d place - 300  :points: by Pixelisto
4th place - 200  :points: by Pixelisto
5th place - 100 :points: by Pixelisto

How to Enter

Simply fav this journal and write in coments wishes for the new year (i hope you understand me xD)


The Giveaway ends on 01/01/2017 

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Social update!

Wed Sep 21, 2016, 4:55 AM
Hey everyone!) i hope you doing well!)
so now you can find me here - 

VK Twitter tumblr facebook   
there you can find some extras, my works in progress an other random stuff)
not much right now... but follow me and you will see more)

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Fri Aug 19, 2016, 9:48 AM
Hey everyone! i hope you doing well)

so... time to go! Lets start from commissions - price you can find here - Comission info (updated)
Also you can check Comission stats. From this moment Critique avable all the time:happybounce:  so feel free to join. 

Open Comms by Enjoumou No Requests by Enjoumou No Collabs by Enjoumou Ask Trades by Enjoumou FO Gifts by Enjoumou

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Comission stats

Fri Aug 19, 2016, 9:27 AM

Commission slots

Colored and shaded headshot with simple bg
1 - NightyLuny
2 - Patreon only

Preorder: Roughtek

Colored and shaded fullbody with simple bg

2 - Raias
3 - Patreon only

Preorder: Rotorix

Colored and shaded fullbody with custom bg

1 - I-DivinexxMila-I
2 - GooeyGuppy
3 -  MissMikkiMouse
Preorder: rebane2001

Reference sheet bg

1 - Lloth
2 - Patreon only
Preorder: open

To get 'Patreon only' slot you must be one of my patrons here - Patreon page.

Patreon only. Commission for patreon only slots will have some advantages. They will be done faster, they will be done first and discussion about commissions can be done in discord(if you want). 
Tier - doesn`t matter, any tier will get acsess to "Patreon only" slots for commissions^^.

Preorder. If you want to get regular slot - you can preorder it. i think 1 slot for each type of commissions is ok. I want to make sure that people dont lose their interest for commission.
If you have some questions - feel free to ask me here in the comments or in notes)

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Profile Directory

Fri Aug 19, 2016, 8:38 AM
Galery Comission infoMy favorites Critique for you

Comission stats
Comission slots and progress
Note me
Note me if you have some questions
Feel free to donate some points) its rly helps me)


Fri Jul 15, 2016, 11:18 AM
Hey everyone) i hope you doing well) so anytime you can send me ur works for critique) but dont go crazy
i will write you what i like and what i dont like in ur work, give you some tips and trics that caan help you) 
i will answer to enyone who write here in coments or (if u wanna) in notes)
to join - just send a link on your art (3 max)
i think it will be useful for everybody) have fun)

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Sat Apr 16, 2016, 11:16 PM

Hey everyone) i hope u doing well) so tutorial is done) 
and please tall me what do u think about it)
and what u wanna see from me now)

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abot tutorials

Sun Mar 6, 2016, 2:40 PM

hey everyone=) so u ask me about tutorials and i sad that i can make it=) i dont think that someone will support me at Patreon right now  so we can start here for free... i hope=) i dont know what u wanna see from me so i make some pic -  metal ref by L1nkoln 

i think materials is pretty interesting and we can start from metal=) cuz u know... metal is awersome xD
if u interested - write me in coments and i will make step by step tutorial for u how i make that=)
if u wanna  smth different - again, write me what do u wanna see=)

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Sun Feb 21, 2016, 9:56 AM

Hey=) i hope u doing well) so... what do u think about tutorials?) i know that right now u can find "how to draw...."on eny thin that you need... BUT!!! if u wanna some tutorials from me - write in comments) and one more.. like 2 years ago i was rly bad at drawings) and i have idea... most of my watchers just start drawig. and i think i can learn smth. i thinking about creating my Patreon page where i can learn u friends) this can be like how to paint at all! not like only eyes or nose or smth that dont rly helps you start drawing things that u want)))) i can learn u how to start with photoshop, how to setap your settings, how to start drawing at all, so you can paint any thin you want! not only ponies) let me know what do u think about it plz. at this i rly need your help)
and yeah) thank you)

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Thu Dec 31, 2015, 12:54 AM

Hi everyone!) i hope u doing well=) so this ws very hard year for me=) and it was awrsome!) i ve met a lot gr8 artists) and i wanna say thanks) this is just rundom artists who support and inspire me=)
Yakovlev-vad - great artist=) very friendly) he has very cool style) 
Evehly - she is verry cute=) i love her style <3
TsaoShin - oh that colors!!!!! gr8 artist)
KNKL - rito artist) his style is awersome) KNKL show is epic) watch everyone xD
JesusAConde - he works wery hard. and i think he oing well) gr8 work)
xa-xa-xa - i dont know why his art is so cool)
Tsitra360 - oh dat style) gr8 artist <3
TamplierPainter - his work and his style always inspire me)
StaplesART - he is lazy) but gr8 art=)
AssasinMonkey - epic=) watch his art and u will understand)
Raichiyo33 - simple but.... i cant stop watching)
and special thanks for support)

i wanna say thank you.... all of you) u know... without watchers any artist is usless=) so thank u all) stay awersome) and HAPPY NEW YEAR)

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Thu Aug 6, 2015, 9:46 AM

HEEEEY! I  hope u doing well=) so i still study.... but i miss mlp=) so i return comissions=) i think i can make 3-5 comissions per month.

Here some things that i learn
i rly hope u like it

glass=) by L1nkoln apples=) by L1nkoln

its not all that i learn, its my favorit arts=)

so if u wanna ask me about comission - feel free to write me in notes=)
and dot forget to chek comission status box

i think i will not change price..... mb later=)

here u can find price
Comission info (updated)

Colored and shaded headshot with simple bg - $14 payable via PayPal or 1400 Points
  +10$ for additional character


Colored and shaded portrait of a single character (or more) bust (head, neck, and some chest if needed) on a simple background. Any details are included. These commissions are an interpretation of your character realized in my style so the colors, style, and anatomy may change from your reference.

from now
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