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Cryaotic: Spirits


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Cryaotic's Lie

(Warnings: General insanity) We all have something to hide. It doesn't matter who you are or even if your willing to admit it. It's normal. He reminds me of that every so often. I don't know why he even bothers though. Let me share a little bit about him. I don't really have a name for him. He's like a shadow lurking just behind me. I guess Dark is as good a name as any. He's what I need to hide away from people. Not so much for my sake but for theirs. I'm sure most people have seen glimpses of him. Hell I'm positive they have. Mad and Virus are the names they have given those moods but they don't understand. It's all him. He is everything

Cry's Lies

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A Serial Killer's Notes: Love

(WARNING: dark themes involving death) He is dead. It's the last thing you ever want to hear come from another person. It's true though. He died last night and I can't seem to stop visiting his body. It's bagged up in the office. He's so cold. He's stiff. I feel sick at the thought of even touching him but I can't stop myself. I place trembling fingers on what was once living. He used to feel so warm and soft. I feel my stomach turn again and I only find myself leaning down to kiss the trash bag softly. I can taste the bile in the back of my throat as I finally draw away. He's dead. I know that but I can't let him go. I swear he's breathing


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Felt Tutorials

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