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PK: Ashleigh Sauer
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© 2019 L0UDST

I will always be a sucker for Gijinka RP groups.


Pokemon: Aromatisse
Nature: Bold
Ability: Aroma Veil

Move Set:

The user releases a soothing scent that heals all status conditions affecting the user's party.

Aromatic Mist
The user raises the Sp. Def stat of an ally Pokémon by using a mysterious aroma.

Sweet Scent
A sweet scent that harshly lowers opposing Pokémon's evasiveness.

One turn after this move is used, the user's or its replacement's HP is restored by half the user's max HP.

Name: Ashleigh Sauer
Gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Birthday: February 11th
Height: 5’4” 

Relationship Status: Single
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Guys? Guys are alright.

Kingdom: Diamond
Current Residence: Eureka
Occupation/Title: Magic Healer
Card Rank: 7


Caring | Diligent | Steadfast | Know-it-all | Overbearing | Haughty

Ash always knows what's best… or so they believe! So focused on optimising the lives of those around them, they often forget that people have free will of their own. They have the best of intentions, and pride themself on that!! But unfortunately, they are often seen as overbearing and arrogant. This simply isn’t true! They are just very caring. So caring, in fact, that they are not against keeping someone against their will if it means they can properly care for them… such is the depth of their compassion.

They're quite… hm… averse. Averse… to filth. It’s sometimes hard for them to provide care to those that are less clean (Poison types especially,) but they will do it. Simply because they cannot abide seeing others going about life in such poor condition. Its simply inhumane to stand by and do nothing.

When someone has proven themselves to be incapable or even mediocre at a task which Ash is well versed in, they WILL take over the responsibility. They simply cannot brook such incompetence. If you want something done right, y’know? And ash definitely wants it done right.

As they are with others, so they are with themself. They do not tolerate anything other than the best effort. They will not stand to be less than they know they are capable of. They are prone to beating themself up over small mistakes.


Life near the training fields of Castra was not glamorous. It wasn't bad, mind you! Ash's family was well off, as were most of the people living in their town. But glamorous? Hardly. Mostly, it was full of old people. (And farmers, if you wander too far in any direction.)
But Ash often spotted run down and injured soldiers in town… nursing their sore joints and tired eyes as they tried to do right by their kingdom. (The more rambunctious sort usually visited the neighboring, though slightly further away, towns that had more interesting things to do.)

These weary knights-to-be were an eyesore. They knew it was an unpopular opinion… but they saw how people acted when a soldier came into town. Everyone grew somber, almost pennant… they felt bad, because the soldiers were suffering for their kingdom, for them.

Ash's family on their mother's side was gifted in healing, and Ash inherited those abilities. So... they could do something about these unfortunate trainees! Someone had to, right? They were so depressing!
They began healing the soldiers that came into town. Using their scent based abilities and the heirloom staff that enhanced them, they were able to revitalise the men. They returned to their barracks with nothing but the highest praise for the darling little... lady? Or were they a boy... whatever! They told their friends, and Ash soon amassed a small army of grateful soldiers.

Eventually an innkeeper caught wind of Ash’s antics, and offered them a job. The official title of which was “Hospitality”. They could use their aromatic abilities to both keep the place smelling nice and clean, and also provide restorative aromatherapy to any who needed it. They decided to take the offer. And why wouldn't they? Getting paid to do what they were already doing? Yes please!

By the time they were 18, they had quite a bit of money and almost nothing to do with all of it. So they decided to travel. Specifically, they wanted to see Eureka, Capital city of the Diamond Kingdom. There was shopping to be done there, with items Ash would actually want to buy.

Now... Ash was no fool. They knew that they were a prime target for thieves and bandits. Little fairy with loootsss of money and no offensive capabilities? Yeah, not gonna work out. So. They decided to wait until their soldier friends, many now knights, were to make a trip there.

It only took a little, tiiiiny amount of convincing. ; )

Once there, Ash immediately knew they never wanted to leave. Everything was beautiful, there was so much to do! They immediately began calculating the cost of living, the job availability... they spent their money wisely, investing in some things that would make it easier to fit in and look the part of someone who knew what they were doing. (They didn't.) 

It was a challenge. But now, at the age of 23, they have become comfortable with their place in the world. Their job as a healer pays well; their services invaluable in the arena of palliative care. They've worked hard to achieve proficiency, stability, luxury, and most importantly, a sense of individuality.


  • Ash will act like they know a great deal about a subject even if they don’t.
  • Ash displays compulsive behavior; they will not sit idly by while others fail or suffer.
  • The top of their staff is a perfume decanter.
  • Their scent seems to change with their mood. It is unclear whether or not they have control over this.
    • When angry they will smell of embers--when happy, honeysuckle. Their most neutral scent is that of a rose. Typically they will smell of honeysuckle and roses.
  • Ash collects on their debts. If you owe them a favor, you better hope it’s not a big one.
  • Their family emigrated from the Kingdom of Spades
  • They speak with some pretty intense emphasis. Its really annoying sometimes.
  • Their job involves a great deal of care giving to those who are in long-term pain or illness; sometimes this can take a toll on them emotionally. They cant fix these people, they cant make it right. It can be frustrating.

RP Methods

  • Discord? Discord. Preferably in a group chat or private server, so its not in our DMs. I like to keep DMs for talking and doing business. ;w;
  • I’ll also do Google Docs.
  • I need to keep my notes clear for commissions, so notes are out of the question.
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AAA YAY YOU GOT IT!! and also i said this before but i love them...
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yeee ty!! than thank you for loving them qwq my babby
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