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Kurt for Flik (Censored Edition) :P

I owed :iconflik182: this pic from a log while. It took me ages to finish it mostly cause I kept working on it on small bits at a time...

Anyway I should stop doing full backgrounds when what I wanna do is... Pr0n... XD

Hope you like it. ^^
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Nicht schlecht

Yogscaster247's avatar
Where is the uncensored version?
9528's avatar
A remarkable picture of the Captor and the very well secured Prisoner.
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9528's avatar
Your welcome.
WrongState's avatar
Goodness I want both their outfits
L0rd-Black's avatar
WrongState's avatar
I'm going to work on this... :D
I would like to be that pup.
TheBlueKitsune's avatar
O_O wow  i love the perspective and shading everything looks fantastic
L0rd-Black's avatar
Could you send me a link to the uncensored version plz?? Tnx!
L0rd-Black's avatar
You can find me at Y!Gallery as GB1984. You have to register though...
Ok thanks! Can't wait 2 c!
JasonMasters's avatar
So close... to a fantasy... of mine... !   Oooh, the feels!  The wants!  *sob*  The can't-haves. Waaaah! 
RedApropos's avatar
Full version? :O

Also, I kinda wanna ask for an art trade... if you have time.
L0rd-Black's avatar
You can find it on my Y!Gallery as GB1984
And thanks for the interest, but I don't have the time right now. :P
Dr-Scaphandre's avatar
How have they not gotten arrested yet?
L0rd-Black's avatar
There seems to be enough handcuffs already there... :P
Sissyboytoy's avatar
that guy is so lucky being bound in public like that :heart:
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