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Panda 2

By L-Spiro
Her name is Panda.
She is a 23-year-old woman that I know.

The reference was a photograph.
It was drawn with pencils ranging from 3B to 4H on 70lb paper.
No smudging was used at all in any part of the picture.

It scanned a bit light, so I used Photoshop only to adjust the brightness and contrast values to more closely match what is on my paper.
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© 2006 - 2021 L-Spiro
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ScarletWarmth's avatar
Very pretty! It looks like a photo at first glance!

Great skills on sketches.

L-Spiro's avatar
Thank you!

L. Spiro
ScarletWarmth's avatar
No problem! Keep up the fantastic work.
zamboink's avatar
Nice, I like the tone of it.
And cute face too! :)
manany's avatar
So cute , she looks younger ^^
ashrel's avatar
nikkijner's avatar
wow! I thought this was a pic at first glance! great job!
Telpelin's avatar
omg! you must have crazy control of that pencil to shade that evenly....christ your good
L-Spiro's avatar
Thank you!

L. Spiro
duke-pandemonium's avatar
She is 23? I thought she's my age like 16 or something. I like the angelic air it gives off, and her face is very pretty. But i don't know why her head seems a little too skinny, maybe there should be a bit more hair on the side
ZeeZeeMonster's avatar
Great expression. I like the overall lightness of this pic, and also how you made her eyes the darkest feature.
OnlyImagine's avatar
I Love your art.. nice work
Chentoolive's avatar
I love the way you draw things. Everything looks smooth and you sure keep the lighting good. Even the hair looks so good!! The eyes, the lips, the soft skin...
GReat job !!
L-Spiro's avatar
Thank you much!
thetilly's avatar
I like the expression. I just wish it were a tad bit darker so I could make out the features better. Prehaps using a darker pencil would help during your finishing touches? But the eyes are wide and expressive. Two things I love about them. :)
TuJu's avatar
This is really great! :nod:
Vooshe's avatar
wow i am so in love with your art right now :+fav:
gothchickoflove's avatar
Wow. That is amazing. It looks like a photograph. All my stuff is cartoonish and I like it taht way, but this is wonderful.
ttkphotography's avatar
you are very talented!
kimurasan18's avatar
great, just like the original one!
OhSoNaive's avatar
The girl is extremely beautiful, as is the portrait. Again, keep drawing!
ilu2112's avatar
Woooow! Great art!
L-Spiro's avatar
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