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Panda 1

By L-Spiro
Panda is her name.
She is a 23-year-old woman I know.

This is my first drawing in over 7 years, and was meant to get back into shape.
The quality of this drawing suffers from several aspects.
Firstly, it was just a practice piece to get me out of my 7-year rut (I am 24 and stopped drawing when I got out of high school at 17).
Secondly, the scanning was very light. I adjusted the brightness and contrast in Photoshop to account for this, however it didn’t work as well as I would have liked, and the result is just…off.

While comments are welcome, please keep in mind that this was just a warm-up piece.
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© 2006 - 2021 L-Spiro
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EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
I love panda and your art is awesome
L-Spiro's avatar
Thank you.

L. Spiro
ScarletWarmth's avatar
Simply beautiful sketch! She reminds me of my future sister-in-law.…
m-NOUN's avatar
As usual the best critic is always the creator although I don’t see any flaws since your talent escapes me as to your critique for the piece influences anyone to no end that anyone could become so good at drawing as you have become but still your too hard on yourself just trying to release any doubt that you’re the best most realistic artist I’ve ever seen
L-Spiro's avatar
Thank you.

L. Spiro
ScarletWarmth's avatar
cutest portrait ever! I love the eyes!

neverman's avatar
very good job on the eyes
DaleKeogh's avatar
freaken awesome
somersetholmes's avatar
Beautifully detailed pencil work, such a lovely expressive face :heart:
jadamu1983's avatar
Love the expression.
Hex36's avatar
The eyes really make this piece =)
zukocats22's avatar
I love the way the eyes turned out
AC: maybe add more strands of hair instead of just blocking it
ScenicRoads's avatar
This is so amazing.
It does look like a real photograph,
or something. Geez girl, you've got
a lot of talent. Keep it up<3
Tinfa's avatar
It looks so real.. I love it :)
man.i wana be as good as you.
ur art is so nice =]
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SilverVulpine's avatar
Superb work,
Elegant in it's simplicity.
a real visual treat!


"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again."

-Joseph Campbell
HollowAgain's avatar
Your warm-up is better than anything I could ever achieve. Gorgeous work. :heart:
Ms-Typo's avatar
The eyes are so detailed! I love it!
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uh...holy f'in shit. It looks like a retouched photo it's so good. The eyes and reflections in them are perfect. Nicely done.
OhSoNaive's avatar
This is brilliant, and you must never stop drawing.
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