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Welcome to this month's feature!
March wasn't the best month for me this year unfortunately. There were a lot more downfalls than usual. It also flew by pretty fast. I'm kinda glad it's over for now, and hopefully I just start getting better from here on.
Alright, y'all ready for this month's feature? :la:

Dear Evan Hansen by ScarletHatter Smoolll Beanos by Yumekashi Blood Guts Sweets by Yumekashi Umumumumumuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu by Yumekashi smile by Dokuseishi Angry fist. by K4FFE leave your things behind ii by 77w Winkieface by DVixie e by Valgorithm Death of Edna by RiskPig Mindscape by DamaiMikaz bury a friend by jurassics :p by Queen-KittyKat Battle Angel by raikoart<da:thumb id="783793162"/> DTIYS - jaalidraws by Mekaiime Zombie by goatkiie [Sketch] Flower Girl by Mooyinoluwa parasol by Yoai C: Kara by Rali-95 Hanami - Cherry Blossom by Brillantezza Vanila Heart~ by Lubby-Alexa Lunch time by teranen #465 Parasplicer - King of Sorrow by Baraayas at: Unchained-Artist by faenatical Bird in Black by Baraayas Straight to Hell by safome i beg this of you by zarla a city of tears by zarla Just a machine full of moving parts by zarla

Lots of lovely works were discovered this time~ 
As always, be sure to fav or comment on works you like! Help these deviants grow!

Monthly Feature: February 2019

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 8:29 AM

Another (shorter) month ends. And it was indeed a most unproductive one based on my daily reports I did. 
I've done some things but the month ended somewhat on a bad note.

Still trying to heal, but in the meantime here are some beautiful works I came across during the month of February.

Blood Moon by Naiterion Ned (twenty one pilots fan art) by Nukababe Sharp Leaves by natalico Thinking about a special one by Softhetic lineart commissions by HJeojeo Summer by CosmicSpectrumm Jinjune by CosmicSpectrumm [TRANSFORMICE] forum request - Cosmicqt by Dokuseishi harper by cozyote Halloween Think Tank by Brett2DBean fear the rainbow by guccidogg the way u crash me down by mvse CommissionDA #19 by oDaefnYo - More - by Piannen SCP-4557 - Need help? by Piannen Strange Ambiance by MysteryKitty3300 The Guardians by UniCatCosplay Illustration by SageCamille Hand by Hagitachi Idea by Hagitachi aika (redraw) by nemuiie I do by guccidogg commission by yannothing Kiss and not tell by goatkiie

Lots of works there. As usual please fav works you like, and watch the artists to help support them!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
Hello again~ <3

I am opening pixel requests! Put some decent reference of the desired character below and I will choose a few from any in the comments and if I like it, I will draw it. 

Go go go~
A new year begins! 
So far the first month of 2019 was twisted. I'm not too proud of how it has gone so far, with everything that happened. I also owe all these amazing artists an apology! I was sick when the year ended, so I passed my new year eve swallowing Tylenol pills and getting weird fever dreams. Which also meant I had to skip the monthly feature of December 2018.
But it's okay, because I'll just make a much bigger feature >:3

deity by clockbirds [+Video] Commission - Melting Candy by Hyanna-Natsu Witch Mercy Commission by ChrissieZullo Starline - Halloween illustration by Parororo Clover by KyrieMeii02 Transition by L-Gabs happy new year 2019 by sasucchi95 Take me somewhere nice by goatkiie mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird by jurassics This is my time of the year by goatkiie Practice by Derynee - Galaxy - [SPEEDPAINT] by Mekaiime Damn, you always get your way by pinvvheel tiddy by Peachie-Paws winter by yannothing Hyakkimaru by kandasama [C] - Witches.Poppet by Cheebii OwO by Cheebii Kyu-Kyu! by SeviYummy LED exposed by drachenmagier MEKA Activated! by raikoart Herrscher of the Void by raikoart Speckled by bunbby River Steampunk by teranen Love Song I - Violin by TacToki Elise Badge? by Softhetic lantern by clockbirds

You guys are so talented, what is this wizardry D:
As usual, please take the time to check out these amazing pieces and, if you like them be sure to give them a watch and give them their well deserved support!

I kinda need an oc to draw, so these are open again! 

To get a request please read these rules and info first.
Specifically looking for a canine oc to draw, so unfortunately you may not request for human or anthro this time. Feral is good, I'm most likely to pick it if it is a dog, wolf or something like that. Also if it's a male, I want to practice those owo
Don't be upset if you're not picked. I just choose those who would fit an artwork best and the inspiring designs, I'll do as much as I can but I'm not promising anything :o
Please send me a decent ref sheet of your character so I can get it right. ^^
That's all! Have fun~

Hey all, it's me here again.

Just wanted to add a small update on life, online life and the hiatus. If you are an active watcher you'll notice I have been away from social media for about 2 weeks. This is because I needed to discipline myself a little, focusing more on real life and the tasks I have to do. This “addiction” to social media had gotten so bad in fact that I would check all notifications every 5 minutes or so by pure instinct.

Pretty sad, right? =P

I won't deny this break was hard for me, especially on the first few days. Didn't get to wish everyone a merry Christmas either, or give out as much gifts as I wanted.

But, some good did come off of it (sorta). I managed to organize a strict schedule thanks to an extension I added. From here on it lets me go on social media 3 hours per day, then blocks all the sites I lurk the most on.

Yes, this does mean I won't be as active as I used to be. But I'm not completely gone. However, say we're chatting on Discord and I leave mid-conversation, that's probably the reason why.

All in all, I'm back. I missed you, my frens.  

Now I gotta leave, I don't wanna use up all my time limit ovo

Hewwos you all. I forgot to put this feature up yesterday. 
The month seems to have flown by pretty quick. I have nothing much to recap for this reason. I got problems with sleeping and so it makes me tired. I have so much dreams in fact that I'm considering writing a dream notebook for myself. November overall has been pretty boring, here are some pieces I found browsing DA during that time.

beauty in her eyes by HoneyBunny-Art  700 follower raffle on twitter by Silveztra  Holiday icon by teranen  Queen of hearts by Naiterion  Krysta by Cynical-Pancake  C: MoeMocha by bunbby  +Try-hard+ by qhostts Traces Wreck by sykosan  You try to kill it but it won't stop bleeding by safome  Cosmic Latte by Queen-KittyKat  beanbag movie night by aliensphynx  x by Softhetic  Alone by Softhetic  Chainsmoker by DamaiMikaz  Lonely by teranen  Violet Evergarden by Xhunzei  [FANART] RALSEI by Shueren  My demons by Linked-Memories

Please take the time to fav the pieces you like and watch those amazing artists to help them grow!

Happy Halloween! Since I have nothing to do except being lazy today, it's time for another monthly recap/feature again~!
This month, I did inktober until day 25, where unfortunately my hand started hurting and I needed to take a break with art. It was still fun while it lasted, I don't regret it.

October was sort of a bad month for me, often had those dramatic existential thoughts on some days. I am trying to get better at that though. :shrug:

In any case I found some amazing gems for this month and I am really excited to show them all. Some of them may be fan art of the same thing, but that's because it went in a chain of "Browse more like this" where even greater artworks rested. :3

Enjoy this month's feature of amazing pieces~

Inktober day 29 by SageCamille you can be king again  by pinvvheel waa by Xysty Breathe by honeycrossing<da:thumb id="633695542"/><da:thumb id="769627606"/> Felt it in my youth, feel it when I'm old by NoteS28 I have the most disgusting eyes by Neytirix Inktober 2 - Lewis by maskman626 eden by cinnabutt Commission: Lavender by SageCamille Theo by fleekd My God What Have We Done to You by fleekd ANXIETY by more-than-lines ABUGINTHESYSTEM by more-than-lines First (part one) by more-than-lines Thedownsideofme by more-than-lines CM: The New Doctor by shizen1102 Episode 14 - Candy Tongue by AngelGanev [comm] - prospects by Wildering at the end by D4N13l3 Happy my 21st Birthday by Hagitachi youre going to burn your tongue by cozyote the goner by more-than-lines MIRROR by more-than-lines

Please consider giving these amazing artists a watch!

Hello and welcome to this month's feature and quick recap to you all~!

September flew by very fast, so I may not have gotten the time to find many pieces. The month was a bumpy-ish road, with ups and downs here and there. Autumn has come, I got into an art block, and turned a year older just yesterday. I also want to take the time to thank everyone for the lovely messages I got on my profile, it made my day~ :D
I'm also 2 watchers away from reaching 600 which is...crazy for me. o,o

Oh and quick shout out to the lovely MyntyPaws for the awesome gift I was given! I encourage everyone to check out his great literature works!

Now, let's get to the feature of faved works of September~

Scientist by Million-Mandala  1065493 by kyaptain  {C} Wink! by BoneziProxy  Autumn day ych by teranen  Let's think about cake, let's think about flowers by ScarletHatter  eyes wide open by Valgorithm  Inktober 7 by Hyan-Doodles  ice by yannothing  DJ shane! by BoneziProxy  peaceful sleep by Naiterion  oh wow how basic by Peachie-Paws  morning at the bakery! by Apofiss <da:thumb id="764898412"/>