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I wanted to do a photo for a concentration piece. I really like this, but something about it bugs me with the overall composition. Any suggestions?

Playing with light is fun. |D


Photographed with really old and crummy camera
No editing
Image details
Image size
1712x2560px 1.14 MB
Shutter Speed
1 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 11, 2009, 6:12:13 AM
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I am not having any problems with your composition. It seems balanced to me...but if you are feeling unsettled with it, reverting back to the law of thirds is always a safe bet. The Golden Mean never looked bad to anyone. :)

I enjoy how it looks like the whole image is fading into dust. Like an incomplete memory.
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You understand perfectly what I'm trying to convey through my work. May I quote you? ;v;

I think I might edit it. It's just, this is completely unedited, which I like. :>
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Haha, of course! =P And again, I really like how it just is, too. So if you're getting a bad feeling about editing it, don't do it. :]
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I think I'm going to leave it. A portfolio adviser told me not to even use it in my portfolio. o:
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Portfolio advisors don't even know what they're doing. For serious.
At least most of them. =P
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lol I can believe that.
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Playing with light is so fun, wuuuttt.
And I like this a lot! But I agree, something is off. I think it's...too divided in half, up and down. There's no lights on the right side at all really.
If you redid this, you could try moving the light across the whole frame? idk though, lights can be hard. D:
L-H4x3D's avatar
I know! But it was hot in my closet. D:
I might edit it a tad in photoshop.
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Ohh that's where you were doing it? Then hot indeed. I hate when things get too hot to finish.
...pfft, okay yeah that was not intentional. :'D
Photoshop is good! I have a photoshop class now and I've learned a lot. Well, not really, but I've learned how to use the things I knew better.
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I want a photoshop class. Hope they have one at college next year. :3
DekayingSlow's avatar
They should! I think most places do, art school or not. But it might not be called photoshop, so just be on the look out. :D
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