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By L-exander909
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After the mothership exited from a hyperspace jump, (which supposedly, is the last scheduled jump this ship makes for the trip to their next destination) the automated program installed within the ship’s systems works to wake up its crew from their cryogenic hibernation.

The intrepid humans woke up fine and unscathed, as they are the ones who are released from their stasis cells first. Next in line for the program to wake up are the clones, who are the ship’s primary workforce, as well as the human’s closest companions for the expedition.

As the cryogenic tubes opened one by one, the unclothed female clones slowly opened their eyes as they are relieved from their sleep.

Clone 01 : *yawn* Wow, what a sleep…
Clone 05 : It feels a bit too cold though.

Just as the second clone guessed, the room temperature is unmistakably lowering at each passing second.

Clone 03 : W-Wah! Why is the nitrogen steam still blowing?!
Clone 04 : Yikes… this is too cold!

A sudden gush of freezing gas blew from their opened stasis tubes and filled the hibernation chamber alarmingly fast. Not having the clearance to exit the hibernation chamber, the cloned females panicked as they find a way to shut off the gas that is responsible of safely putting them into suspended animation…

When the room temperature reached a certain low point, the nitrogen gas surrounding the females solidified, once again forcing the clones into cryogenic hibernation again. As time passed, the panicking clones come into a standstill, as the nitrogen gas puts them one by one into cryogenic sleep.

Soon enough, the malfunctioning hibernation chamber is decorated by dozens of clones are put back into hibernation after they have been mistakenly turned into ice. It will be a long time for the nitrogen gas to properly clear out before these icicle imitations can be returned to their proper living state.

Fortunately for the clones however, they can at least sleep for a little while longer before they are expected at their workstations.


So yeah, another quick photomanip by me. This one over here is an experimental freezing effect that I've been studying for quite some time. However, it does look a bit off in this image though.

But regardless, enjoy.


Photomanip is done by me. Short story is written by me. I do not own the characters, nor the image used for the photomanipulation.

CG and Clone Characters belong to the rightful creators of the H-Game "Zwei Worter".
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Thank God this scene is not the tragedy that seems to be!   :phew:
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Nice drawing and story.
:bulletred: Likestatue's gallery
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This is why I watched you.
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Oooooh, this is very good.
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Very incredibly awesome. One of the best photmanips ever!
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Best photomanip ever? Oh please, I believe there are people out there who can easily do better than me >w<

But still, thank you for the compliment!
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Fa, great selection of base image and excellent adaption. Perfect!
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