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Impero di Angeli, La Vendetta

Impero di Angeli, La Vendetta

Model: Jolene Salinger

Photographer: Lente Scura

Digital Editing and Painting by Lente Scura

References for this image can be found on my DA page:

Don't reproduce in any form without permission. All work is copyrighted

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Da-Cisco-Kid's avatar
luv the colors you used here! great contrast!
excellent work!
Alembic-Lynxxx's avatar
Outstanding and Brilliant work very sensual very artistic
IzzyMarrie's avatar
Whoa, now this one I really love.  It catches my eye right away.  I love how there's this contrast between soft, blurry textures and sharp lines.  The colors are all very soft, but lovely, and I love the transition from the rusty shades towards the top to the cooler tones towards the bottom.  I also love the softness of her body, and I really admire all of the brush-strokes.
L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A's avatar
Love and hate is a song.  Some notes sharp, weapons, a means to the end while others to cause pause, to see within the mist, the fog of emotion, beyond the rage, the hate, the blood.  Words, notes, and no different than the visual.  We act as a song and repeat the chorus. We are our song, our painting, our portrait.  We are. 
IzzyMarrie's avatar
That is a lovely analogy, or rather, metaphor, and I couldn't agree more.
L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A's avatar
I'm blessed to have friends as you.  Pace, Bella.
IzzyMarrie's avatar
I am glad that you value my opinions and see me as such, so thank you
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