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(One of the Drafts of my comic in development, this scene has been scrapped from the comic but brings memories so ill keep it on DA. Enjoy)
  Skyler groaned, he couldn't remember last night at all. He remembered looking at the moon, seeing it's immense light and nothing after that. Feeling the warm sunlight across his face he attempted to get out of bed but let out a cry of pain when he felt severe fatigue across his body. It felt like he'd been power-lifting all night. He laid back down on the bed and noticed 3 deep scratch marks in his mattress. They went down to the springs and even some of the springs were broken. "What the heck happened?" He thought to himself.

        Forcing himself to get up he noticed everything smelled a lot more than usual. It was as if everything had its own scent it was giving off and he could define everyone of them. He walked to the bathroom still feeling intense soreness throughout his body. The walk down the hall was painful, every fiber in his body ached. He tried to push the pain aside but the scents he was smelling and sounds he was hearing forced him to stop. "What's wrong with me?"

        When he looked into the mirror he was shocked to see the image that stared back at him, he was like he was last night but his hair was a lot shaggier and his body tone was ripped. He was still his same 6ft size but gained some weight in muscle. His eyes changed colors too, they were green before but now they were hazel brown almost yellowish. Still not understanding how he went from being buff one day to ripped the next he tried to re-collect himself by taking a deep breathe in and out. When breathing out he saw his teeth in the mirror, they were sharp, really sharp.

         Then he smelled blood, his own blood. He looked at his arm and saw blood leaking through the bandage. He took it off and looked at the cut, it must've gone to the bone because a lot of blood was coming from it. There was something about the scent of his blood though, it was making him hungry. Knowing that this was wrong he quickly pushed that thought aside, but it didn't change the fact that he was starving.

        He went into the kitchen to clean his wound and find something to eat trying to remember how he got the cut. He was walking home after an intenese football practice (he lived right down the street) when a giant dog-like creature attacked him. He remembered looking into it's piercing yellow eyes and razor sharp pointed teeth thinking he was going to die. It pinned him to the ground as it growled, he remembered yelling for help but no one was around, it looked at him for what seemed like the longest seconds of his life and then  clawed him on the arm. He let out a yelp of pain when he felt a strong stinging sensation as it got off him. It stood back, looked at the moon and looked down at Skyler again as if it were waiting for something. He quickly ran out of there holding his bloody arm and hearing a howl from behind him. He ran home, out of breathe when he got there, wrapped up his wound which was causing a great deal of pain, and went to his room. The memories slowly started to come back to him. He remebered laying on his bed and thinking about his football career and....every memory of last night came flooding back. He remembered the excriutiating pain in his stomach he felt after looking at the moon, he remembered  black claws splitting through his nails. He rembered crying out in pain when fur covered his whole body and his face painfully pushing out into a muzzle while feeling burning sensations in his ears when they turned to a point on top of his head. His head hair growing into a mane and leather-like paw pads forming on his hands and feet and his tail growing from the base of his spine. Lastly he remembered his human thoughts slipping away from him, as if it were being replaced.

      Skyler choked on his cereal and swallowed hard. He grabbed his head putting all the events of the morning together. He was in complete disbelief, panicking he ran upstairs pushing all the feeling of fatigue aside and looked himself over in the mirror again. He couldn't believe what he saw, his cut from earlier was smaller, as if it had  just healed in the last 10 minutes. He looked at his teeth, his upper canine teeth were like fangs now, he could almost bare them. Still not believeing any of these changes he headed to his room. Where he saw his torn clothes that he wore yesterday laying on his bed. He walked over and picked them up, the scent of it was drivng him crazy. "This can't be real..." he said. He was running out of possible reasoning and everything led to the same answer. He started feeling hopeless there was no one he knew out there that could or would help him with this. The fatigue he was feeling was gone and the cut that he had earlier fully healed. He buried his face in his hands and sat on his bed. After a long moment of silence he finally accepted the fact that he was now a newly turned Lycan(Werewolf) with no clue of who changed him or how to live with it.      
So remember my deviantion I first did of Skyler here [link]
Well I decided I'm going to make him my main OC for a group my friend and I are making (Can't release the name at this time) Anyway this takes place after the tf Skyler went through. And he finds even more changes when he wakes up not remembering a thing from the previous night.
Enjoy ^^

Art and story done by :iconkzmaster:
© 2010 - 2020 kzmaster
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I really like the piece that goes along with this story!
For one thing, I like how you have him lying down in bed. Positions like that are always a pain for me. P:
Also, the hands and feet are really well done! I like how you can see the paw pad on his foot and his hands (especially his right one) look very nice!
I think you can improve some on drawing the blanket by practicing detail such as folds, wrinkles, etc. Also, the tail looks a bit flat to me... But overall it's a great piece!
As for the story, it was enjoyable to read and I'm looking forward to more of his background later on! :^D
Awesome job; you're improving quickly!