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:iconkziira:Kziira posted a status
Honestly... I'm kind of horrified now when it comes to 'shipping'. Sorry but this is going to kind of be a rant & lowkey a vent.

Earlier today I learned that an SU storyboarder got attacked by some fans & shut down their Twitter. You know what the fans attacked 'em for? Shipping squabbles & supposed 'queerbaiting'. You can read the basic summary of it here.

& then while scrolling through Facebook I came across a witty little post about how good friends don't always have to be romanticised. Majority of the people commenting on it (including an admin) put up the whole "I'm a shipper for life!! I ship what I want!!11" attitude. 

Yes. You can ship what you want. Frankly I don't give a ship (badum-tss). Ship good friends if you really want to. But at the very least have some respect, & maybe even interest in other relationship dynamics - I'm so sick of romance I'll be honest. Show me the friendships! Show me the rivalries! Show me complicated relationships! I'm just so sick of romance being the pinnacle of character interaction & how romantic ships are almost always portrayed as perfect & always in the good light.

Hhhg, rant & vent over. Sorry.

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Techy-Cat-Artist Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
This is perfect.

I am honestly sick of only seeing ships between characters; especially when they have no interaction with eachother in the show. Not everything has to be romantic. We need more friendships! Two characters can be near eachother without having to make out, but people just are all like "but it has to be a ship! they stood next to eachother and laughed!!"

shipping can get really stupid sometimes.
NootCrystal Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Student General Artist
I want my gems to have more friends but no it has to be romance romance romance 
TinyBon Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Student General Artist

i alwasy hate when i see peoplewho do "ships" but theres no,, build up
nothing about them individually, how they met, NOTHING
BOOm theyre fucking

like,,, what,,,

and like, i really love close friendships cuz moirails, and i love hate ships
and those relationships where they cannot seem to stay toGETHER but they goTTA for whatever reason. its like moREOF THESE GIVE ME MORE REASON TO SHIPBESIDES THEYE CUTE/GAY/WHATEVER
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