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Guan-Yu's Brushes

Many people have asked me about the brushes I used.
Actually it is come from Ditlev's FineArtsBrushes_Vol1(…), I did some adjustment.
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Great brushes!! Thanks a mil.
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This set amazing!
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these won't work in photoshop CS6.
and theres not much in the description that speaks to which version these are from etc.

any info would be nice because I want these brushes soo bad...
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Yeah. This link is broken, buddy. :/
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Do you Lu Bu's brushes? or maybe Zhao Yun's?
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You wouldn't happen to have his original set lying around would you? CGHUB went down and I'd really love to have his set with yours. He doesn't seem to be anywhere else.
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Thank you so much! These are the first ps brushes that actually fits my painting style! They are so similiar to my sai brushes! Thanks again for sharing you really help me out alot. ^_^
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I was just geeking out over your brush strokes! I thought they were Jaime Jones' brushes though. I'll give them a try though. Thanks for sharing. 
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yeah They are kind of similar, I think it will be very suitable to used together. :)
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