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[AT] Light of Coldness

By Kyyraneth
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Jush my part of an Art-Trade with :iconkayrea: is finished :3
Her OC Kayrea. I love characters with magic abilities *-* It is so much fun to draw them with their magic! Well, I'm a light geek cx
I hope you like her wings.. they took so damn long ;_;

Thank you for the trade! :hug: I hope you like it!
Look at her awesome part: ArtTrade: Light Paradise :iconeeeeeplz:

:bulletblue: tools: watercolours, white gel pen
:bulletblue: size: ~A4
:bulletblue: Kayrea (c) Kayrea
:bulletblue: Picture (c) me
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© 2014 - 2021 Kyyraneth
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Very interesting way of portraying magic and it works well especially with all the blue hues all around c:
IIIIIICE :D Looks so crystally (?) cx
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Thanks a lot ^___^
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I'd imagine that the pulse of light must feel pretty warm.
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Yeah could be c:
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This is beautiful like all your art. I especially love the swils of energy in the glowing light. It's absolutely wonderful. Great job ^_^
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I'm happy you like my art :3 Thank you! :D
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You're very welcome ^_^
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Oh my gosh!
Eeeeeew, I can't stop looking at this! :D
I so admire the way you use watercolors, so many colors and details and no mistakes O.O I just wonder how do you do that, everything is on it's place and no color is messing around.. Aww, this is so wonderful! :D Thank you so much for this trade, it was a great honor for me! :hug:
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I'm happy to hear that! :iconlawooplz: Thanks ^w^
Yeah successful trades are the best c:
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This is so awesome! 
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You're most welcome!
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This is really beautiful *w*
I think what stood out to me immediately was your rich use of colour and your attention to detail. Also, your addition of glowy-ness to all pictures never ceases to amaze. x3 How do you do it?
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Thank you for your kind words dear :hug:
I just do it.. don't know x:
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You're most welcome c:
Maybe a tutorial/'this-is-how-I-art' thing? idk lol
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Oh I think you're the first person who ever ask for this.. cx
First, I don't know if other people are interested too. I don't want to put much time in it and then nobody looks at it :c Aaand second, ..I must truly say I don't really feel like doing it XD Sorry x: Also I'm not that professional and I have enough mistakes I had to work on :)
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Really? o:
Ah, it's okay. No pressure. I had the same situation a couple years back; I was asked a few times but I didn't feel that I had enough 'skill' to show my work in such a manner.
I did this year, because I felt better about my work. My one was more of a 'my art process' rather than a tutorial because, like yourself, I was too critical of my work to try and 'teach' other people >.>
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